Friday, June 1, 2012


The day started with a FedEx delivery!  Oh I love the FedEx delivery truck! 

But..... Let me regress and go back a few months.............

 In the whirlwind of the NewTrad nomination and celebrations, the world renown silk floral design company, NDI..Natural Decorations, Inc.,  asked the Bloggers to design an arrangement for their Designers.  I had a wonderful time! I had a so much fun peering through the gorgeous catalog trying to find the "One" piece that best matched Melanie!   I  found one special design,  I felt was perfect!  It was to be presented to Melanie, by me,  at the huge Celebration in New York on May 3rd.  As it turned out both Melanie and I missed the party!!!! ( And from the pictures I've seen, we really missed one great event!)

I never thought about it again.  A few weeks ago, I received a note from Kelly Billingsley of NDI.  She wanted my address!!!  She told me that NDI was designing a similar version of what I chose for Melanie and sending it to me as a "Thank You"......WOW.....

That FedEx delivery this morning.........Well...It's absolutely gorgeous!  It looks fab on my mirrored table with the eggplant Tiffany glass lamp.

 So So Pretty!

But it gets better........Now,  in the NDI Calalog they have included a NewTrad collection.  Click on to the link below and you can see and  order the designs all the bloggers designed and the ones NDI designed for the bloggers!!!


when there....click 
 Hydrangea LB/ NPO51211220--My design for Melanie
Hydrangea LB/ NPO511221-75   NDI's design for me

If you wish to order a design.....you can get a 15% discount with a code from
How cool!


  1. Very pretty arrangement. It looks so nice on the table.

  2. Beautiful...perfect...so simple. Lucky you to actually be the proud new owner!