Saturday, July 27, 2013



I had seen many pictures over the years, but I had never realized that FDR'S LITTLE WHITE HOUSE AND THE BLH WERE TWINS!!!!



We had a fun day with Maggie!  Decided to do a History Day trip!  Headed South to Warm Springs, Georgia where FDR built a  " Little White House" in Warm Springs, Georgia.  The springs were a great help for  him to  treat his Polio !    He constructed a huge  spa in the town for everyone to use for therapy.  For years I have heard about this site.  Never planned a trip,  until we were looking for something to do with Maggie!

Took lots of "tourist"  pictures!  The "museum" is very well maintained and very worth the trip.  I learned a lot about FDR, his life,  and the period, that I didn't know, plus a better appreciation for Eleanor, his wife.  The guides were extremely informed and answered all questions!!!

The Museum had two very interesting motor vehicles.  One, a typical Roadster from 1940.  I more or less imagined my childhood heroine, Nancy Drew, driving around in it!

 The other was the actual car that FDR converted/engineered so he could drive it!  His Polio left him paralyzed from the waist down.
The dwelling itself (The Little White House)   is very rustic inside!   No Designer touch here for sure!   No one,  today, would ever imagine a President to stay here!

We went through a Guest House and Servant Quarters before entering his home.

 When you enter through the front door,  you see straight through to a Rear Terrace.....Does that seem familiar?
And...it's a semi circle Terrace!

The inside was very dark, so the pictures are hard to see details.  Sorry about that.

Kitchen and Pantry
on the right of the Entry Hall

I imagine that flooring is a form of linoleum....no exotic tile or wood here!

 The Center Hall leads you directly into the Living Room on the Right, Dining Room on the Left and the Terrace in the Rear

Living Room
 Dining Room

One Twin Bed
(Notice the "raised" toilet)
Actual Toilet Paper ...preserved

Eleanore's Bedroom
Two Twin Beds

The Easel where the Last Portrait was being painted.  He died before it was finished.
Half  Finished Portrait

Marine Sentry "Security" behind the house

 On the drive South, we drove through the REAL......WOODBURY

That was a Bonus ....Maggie is following the Series,  The Walking Dead.  We have taken her to Senoia where a lot of filming is done for the fictional Woodbury!!!  This is the real McCoy!!

We still had about an hour to "kill" so where to go???

LINDA.....We Went to the Sock Shoppe!!!

Ended our day at 6th Street Pier.   Maggie's favorite place to dine here  (except for Gramp's cooking at the BLH)....

 Next visit we have planned.....  dinner at Frank's Mill!
  Steve and I returned there this week and had the BEST meal we have had in YEARS!!! 
 Celebrating #54!!!  Can't believe it!
 The Prime Rib was OUTSTANDING.....ALL 18 OZ.!!! 

 I ate it all!!!


Friday, July 26, 2013


The letter "D" did NOT pass the MORNING TEST over the drapery!   It is back over the black console, AKA my Hope Chest!
The Sunburst Star over the gold framed mirror.... passed!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Remember yesterday?  Pam who is author and creator of Simple Details


posted about this super, great deal!   A sunburst Martha Stewart mirror at Home Depot.

 MC went out and bought one!
The Trend could disappear tomorrow but for  for $35 we couldn't go wrong..  I'm sure I will always have a use for it and a place where it will look ideal!


There are at least two other locations it could go.....but will keep it here for a few days!

Did some thinking and thought!  "I'm really overdoing this mirror/picture over mirror design".
So I made a change in the Dining Room.  I didn't want every mirror in the house to be in this form.


Again......I'll give it a day or  two.....THE MORNING TEST!!!!

I am keeping busy during the WAIT!


MC found this while browsing through our viewers "Paths"!  Wonder who?

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013



 Julia is the genius behind.....Cuckoo 4 Design


Julia is presently in Germany visiting her family, but stays true to her follows on her blog.  This morning she posted about new products from IKEA.

  One in particular caught my eye


Way ...way back in early 2003, MC and I rented a van!

  Our destination was IKEA in Northern Virginia...

We lived in Norfolk at the time!  We had visions of Sugar Plums during the 4 hour drive! We would  actually be  going to an IKEA store!  We had a plan of action and the items we were tracking down.
 If you have never been to an IKEA you can easily get lost and never find your way out!  You MUST have a plan!

Among the pieces we were searching for were glass cabinets on skinny X aluminum (or such) legs!  We needed three to fill the space between our fireplace and the outside wall! The moment we found them, we knew they were going to be perfect!

We also ended up  with boxes and boxes of Bonde cabinets for our guest room/office.  The van was packed!!

The day was a huge success and I discovered the APPLE CAKE in the cafeteria!

Can you see the cabinets?
This was before MC realized he could be such a Master Carpenter!
I think this condo is the favorite of the 35 homes  we have lived in.  A dear, Designer friend, Bill, helped me design the unit,  and taught me all I know today about Design!  Bill painted the faux wall over and surrounding the fireplace.
One of my favorite pieces,  ever,  Bill found!  It's the grinding stone that sits in front of the fireplace.  It was "LOST" in our move from Charlotte to Georgia.....Sure, it wasn't lost!!!

The condo was located on an old (100+ years) railroad pier in Historic Norfolk. Today the Battleship, Wisconsin is docked parallel to the pier.

There are three buildings

Our unit was in the center of the  middle building
on the 4th Level

Harbor Fest 
What  a great place to live!

Getting Back to the Present..............

Those three cabinets have been carried around all these years.  Taken apart and put together more times than MC would like to think about.  What took hours the first time is down to 1/2 an hour today!  We gave one to our son, Bobby, for his models, leaving us with two.

Yesterday, we removed them from the garage where they have been the last three years!  MC put them together once more!   They are now the perfect pieces in our guest room, the Epiphany Suite!

When someone new moves into our neighborhood, (Dolcetto is the name of our neighborhood)  they receive a basket with baked goods, information on the neighborhood and a bottle of 


We have a bottle ready for our guests!


 (The legs have been gone for years...They simply gave out!)

This was a fun Post.  Brought back lots of happy memories!  Thank you Julia for the inspiration!

I have more....a message to Pam of
Simple Design

Her post this morning was about a mirror from Martha Stewart that was available at Home Depot.  I made a comment that I would look for it.  While I have been writing this post MC went to Home Depot and got it!!!!  They will be sold out in no time.  It's as great as it looks in the pictures!  Will show where we put it tomorrow!!


Thank you Pam.....

Thursday, July 18, 2013


This is as true an Epiphany as they come.

I was going into MC's "Office" to tell him something that I am sure was extremely important!  When ....it hit me.....

Remember the Monogram "D" I bought in Senoia?    I originally wanted it to hang over the mirror in the Master Bath, but that didn't work!  So I settled for a narrow wall in the hall.  NEVER SETTLE!

Now back to my Epiphany.  I was headed on my important task, when I TURNED, LOOKED AT THE MONOGRAM, AND THEN LOOKED AT THE HOPE CHEST IN THE DINING ROOM.


Wow, with  a few pieces of two way adhesive...  with MC's help!

I had to share this little, but huge "Epiphany"!!!!
....I forgot what I was going to relate to MC that was so important...couldn't have been that important!

I'm doing OK keeping busy waiting for the big construction.....
Never know what tomorrow will bring?


Monday, July 15, 2013


No way was I going to go into August without SOMETHING!!!!

We have a dark area at the end of our main hallway.  Natural light doesn't quite get there.  I have always had to turn the overhead light on to see any art piece we hung there.

I came up with a small "Epiphany"!
  I "thought" why not put a mirror at the end of the hall?  Mirrors reflect light!

Perfect ....except....a large mirror is not in the Budget!!!

What do we do?
You guessed it!
Make one, with 12" MIRROR TILES!
What else?

  Three boxes!   It didn't take an hour!  
He did do it barefoot!  Luckily for him no breakage or cuts!!!!

MC bought enough molding to make his frame and we picked up two packages of rosettes.

The next day MC constructed and painted his frame a bronze gold . Then... added the rosettes!
It measures 3' x 5' plus the frame! 


Now what?