Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Not long after I posted the last post....one of my neighbors sent me  fabulous pictures of their home for me to share!

I am so thrilled and thank Candy and Peter  very much.  Their home is a very Special home!  I will have to explain a little to non-SunCity Peachtree residents.

Last summer Pulte Homes did an experiment.  They built 9 Prototype Homes in our SunCity.  Five of them on the lots next to our home.  It was so exciting watching them go up.  Each an entirely different plan than anything we had ever seen.  The concept went like this.

 They built the 9 homes without walls,  attaching Tyvek paper to the  studs to "outline" the different spaces.  The kitchens and baths  were installed loaded with great new features.  The homes were the product of  work from architects at Pulte.  Then during the summer,  tours were scheduled for Focus Groups, consisting of prospects, residents and people from the building industry. They toured and then met to give their opinions of what would and wouldn't work!    MC and I were fortunate to be part of one of the tours.  It was extremely interesting..  The new ideas, we felt, were right on the money.  They updated the models to fit what  the buyer of  today is looking for.  Open, full of natural light,  plans!    I wish we had some of the new features!!!   In the fall, all the contractors returned.  The homes were finished and put on the market. 

Pulte will be reviewing  the feedback and design new models.  Meanwhile,  the 9 homes that were the prototypes are unique!!!  They will never be built, as they exist,  again.  I envy the buyers.  They have homes that are truly  ONE OF A KIND !!!

Back to this evening.....
The email I received was from one of these buyers.  Candy and Peter are sharing some of their design work.  Candy has done wonders with color!  She has a special "eye" !   Not only are Candy and Peter sharing some of the views of their rooms, but they have GRACIOUSLY volunteered their home for this year's Holiday Tour of Homes on December 2nd..  Yes, MC and I, along with great friends, are the "Committe" for the 4th Annual SunCity Peachtree Holiday Tour of Homes.  MC and I ran the first one,  in 2009, and here we are back to do it again.  Last year our home was on the tour!  I promise a full report with pictures for the Blog!!!
Our committee is ecstatic! W will have  two Prototype homes on this year's Tour!! Another fabulous neighbor has said she wishes her  Prototype home to be included!!!

Candy and Peter

Candy and Peter's Home.  

They have the Sun Room that is shown as an option.  The upstairs has amazing space.  Candy has designed the large room for a Scrap Booking group to meet.. 

The Art collection is spectacular.  These photos are just snippets ....the Tour goers will thoroughly enjoy all their art and treasures.

Perfect piece for the Foyer

Great composition

Did I say they had ART!!!!

 The Hearth Room

Thank you Candy and Peter for sharing these personal pictures.  I appreciate it so, so,  very  much...


  1. The first pic shows great proportions and balance! Nicely done! I'll try and come up with something to send you soon...... ;)

  2. Very nice. I love the piece of furniture in the foyer. Fun to see other's creativity.

  3. I would have loved to be in on that focus group. More houses should be designed with what really works for a household.

    Candy and Peter have a lovely home and a floor plan that I adore.

    Thanks for your email Patty and you'll be hearing from me. :D

  4. Enjoyed this new feature to your blog. Hope to see more to come! Candy and Peter have a very interesting collection of art and memorabilia in their home. I appreciate their sharing it with us.
    Linda C