Thursday, June 28, 2012

MC Did Some Tweaking

While I have been playing with my Binterest Lists, MC has been working on two,   yes two,    different projects.  I know,  I do keep the poor man very busy.  Now, MC fans, don't worry!   He still has had plenty of  his "reading" time. But... I think he needs some exercise to keep his fantastic, youthful figure, don't you?  I could show one of these projects and wait for the second, but I can't keep things back...

So guess what?  We are back in our Great Room.  I know you have missed seeing it.

Table....the top is plywood, painted black, with a polyurethane finish

We have been going back and forth with a way to kick his masterful coffee table over the top!  The surface is plywood.  He has painted and put many different finishes on it, but it remains.... plywood. All the books and accessories stick to it and leave little marks.

 We have walked up and down the aisles of Lowe's trying to be  "hit in the face"  with the perfect material.  Every time we think we have found The One, we veto it before we leave the store.  The big hold up,  how MC will  "frame"/finish the edges,  without creating an amateurish appearance. 

MC is very positive about glass mosaic tiles; very similar to the ones we used for our counter tops in Norfolk.  He is even  looking forward  to working with  grout.   Back and forth on color.  Should the tiles be tones of gold, white, black, ....very confusing.  The problem I am having is my thinking it's going to look too "busy".   A 4 x 4 foot table in the middle of our room with mosaic tiles just seems too "much".   Every combination has variations of color,  We are having a hard time finding tiles that have a solid color appearance.   We have some left over tiles  from Norfolk and have put them on the table for a "let's see".   A big negative for this material is cost.....to get the tiles we prefer, the cost is more than we really want to spend.  Remember,  we are on a set budget....all our  projects are DIY because of THE  BUDGET.  How simple life could be if money was no issue...wouldn't it be grand to commission Bradley-Hughes to design a custom piece!

Tiles left over from counter top project in Norfolk

Yesterday, I had an Epiphany.....I was looking at flooring materials. And... It hit me, Vinyl tile.  Yes that horrible 1980  material we all have ripped up and replaced with ceramic tile or REAL wood!  It certainly fits the cost factor!  The whole top can be done for under $20!  We found a pattern that has a marble appearance in black tones, and brought them home for another "let's see"!

MC put them down....unglued of course.....to let us marinate the look!

Vinyl tiles

This morning I had another Epiphany!  Can you guess.....Mirror Tiles.  Yes, the same tiles that we have used for years, over and over, for so many of my Epiphanies.  They're on the fireplace wall and look so, so "city-ish"!  We had some in the garage and I brought them in for more....Let's See!

Mirror tiles

All Four  "let's see"
Plain, tile, vinyl and mirror....

Now....guess which one is the winner?
  That's easy.
 After all this time, you know I went with the Mirror Tiles.....

It was a no brain-er as soon as I saw those mirror tiles.  They compliment the crystals on the chandelier and bring your eye from the fireplace to the table!

But....that's not all MC has done these past few days. 
 Last week when we hosted the Wine Party for our neighborhood, we brought in the two wicker chairs from the terrace.  I loved them with the table in the kitchen!  I only did what the designers advise us all
to do......
Of course I didn't stop with the chairs.....We have two love seats on the terrace that are also black wicker.  I thought...I bet one would look fab on one side of the table and the chairs on the other.  But the loveseat needed a paint touch up.  So....yesterday in between everything else...MC sprayed the loveseat with another coat of paint!!!

As you all know, I don't do "Outside", especially in this Georgia heat!  In the last three days, the chairs and love seat have been "sat" on more than any other piece of furniture we own!!   I am now at the table, sitting or "lounging" on the loveseat ....comfortably writing this post!  The TV is quite visible and my coffee is at hand!

ps....if needed the chairs can easily move back to the terrace.


I'm not finished

I have to stop by Binterest.  I think  a visit to the Bradley-Hughes Showroom will be appropriate.  The pieces are to die for!


Of course I am in love with the antiqued mirror low table!


The textures in this space are amazing



  1. Mirrored tiles....of course! Ideally the best choice for the room. It certainly adds an air of elegance to the table. Well done Patty and MC...a dynamic duo for sure!

  2. I have not seen mirrored tiles...now that is a great idea! Quite chic and easy to do....like that.
    Thanks for sharing, Patty.

  3. Love the new look! Love following your ever changing decor. You keep us all wondering about what will come next!! You should write a book about the "Neatness of Constant Change"!

  4. Funny, funny...a Book about my constant changes....It would need updates on an hourly basis!

  5. I am so glad you went with the mirrored tiles. As I was reading this post.....I was screaming in my head.....no....no....yes! Bingo....right decision!
    Very glam:)