Sunday, January 20, 2019

One More Thing!

Our Dining Room needed something.   At first I wasn't sure just what, and then the Epiphany hit me.
It was too "cold".   It needed to be warmed up.

 The windows.  They had to be softened. Budget restraints  drove the search.  To make it doable both windows had to stay under $100.

I went on line and found the perfect solution,  at a fantastic price. 
White sheers less than $8 a pair.!!!    They are 95 inches by 108 inches  (two panels)   Each window needed 4 pairs.   Total  under $64,  and no shipping charges.

All the natural light pours in and it's airy and soft.  Privacy a bonus.

Sheers.....................&.89 @8     $63.12
Rods ......................8.99  @2     $17.92
Tie Backs................3.99 @2     $7.98
Labor...................................      FREE😊
GRAND TOTAL................$89.08

Mission accomplished and $10.92 under budget!



Sunday, December 23, 2018


What does a dining table need?


Everyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with chandeliers.   I go out of my way to find spaces to hang them.
The craziest being a  crystal chandelier in a very small  toilet closet.    I titled it The Crown for the Throne.

I realized that we already had the PERFECT fixture.   The one we installed over our small round table in the Great Room.   

I also realized that by doing this, it created a new problem.   We would have to replace it.  

In order to "sell" this entire idea to MC, I had to find a chandelier that cost no more than a pair of shoes.  I started searching on my "go to" lighting sites.  After two days, and looking at 2000 fixtures, I found one.  It would look just right over our table and was the trendy Sputnik design.

I presented the Plan to MC and he went for it!!!   

The new chandelier arrived two days ago.   So to work we went.
MC called on our trusted friend, Alan, for a needed ladder.
Yesterday MC took down a ceiling fan, our existing light over our table in the Great room, installed that light over our new table, and installed our new Sputnik fixture over the small table.  He was one busy guy.

The Result



See you at next Epiphany

Sunday, December 16, 2018


MC and I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas

We send our wishes from OUR NEW TABLE that MC finished yesterday!

I love, love the table!  It's exactly what I pictured in my Epiphany. 

I have always loved this time of year.  Maybe Santa had something to do with that.
We have spent every Christmas together since 1955.   We were so lucky that  MC managed to be home for Christmas  all the years he was  in the Air Force.   I don't know how he did that, but I love him so for that.

Enjoy and make sure you leave out the cookies for Santa


Saturday, December 8, 2018


Two  weeks ago MC began the process of fulfilling my latest Epiphany.

The Epiphany:

Create a Dining/Game Room in the existing Sun Room.

 We have been enjoying jigsaw puzzles lately and needed  a table large enough to work on.   In addition, the table would transform the room into a Dining Room when needed!

MC was up to the challenge !!!! so it was a GO.

We went to his favorite "Toy Store"
 First things first,  get the right cart!

  On to the lumber aisles to get just the right pieces for the legs and sides.

Once those pieces were selected, we found the perfect  MDF board to be the table's top.

It had to be cut down to the correct size, primarily so we could get it in the car to take home.
The size of our trunk determined the size of the table!

The check out aisle, have to pay for this!
Next  the car's trunk.   We were on a roll.

(Those of you with sharp eyes recognize the checkout is at Home Depot, not Lowes.  Everything was bought at Lowe's except for the MDF because the big saws at both our nearby Lowe's were out of order).

In no time we were home and unloading all our treasures into the garage

MC had to cut the legs and sides and then proceeded to assemble the table in no time.........

We have arrived at the slow period.....The Sanding.   MC attacks this process like a candidate would approach a Doctorate Degree.  Never quite finished.  Always more to do or sand!!!!!

Finally he said he was satisfied!

One more step to do......Paint.........

Hopefully, weather permitting, painting will go fast and MC can reveal his masterpiece soon, VERY soon...........................


Monday, November 19, 2018

What's New With MC

MC has been extremely busy since we moved back to Georgia.
He has put together an IKEA display case and a gas grill that came in 15+ pieces
  He now has his GARAGE  again  !!!!
 When we moved to Florida we gave all his tools to the kids.   For his 80th birthday in October  everyone gave him gift certificates so he could replace them!!!  The first thing he built was a work bench. 
Since we moved he has  painstakingly rough cut his carvings by hand..   He missed his band saw and it was the first tool he bought.
He just  finished his latest MC Little Man.    He now has Little MCs  as a Freshman and a Senior at Virginia Tech, and several covering his Air Force years.

 Freshman and Senior Cadets At Virginia Tech 1956 & 1960

 USAF 2nd Lt  James Connally AFB, Waco, Texas--1961
USAF 1st Lt McChord AFB, Tacoma, Washington--1963

 USAF Captain, McChord AFB, Tacoma,Washington  1970
USAF Major. Osan Air Base Korea, 1973

USAF Major, Oakland Army Base, California 1976

 My Epiphanies are back!
MC has started drawing up the plans.  Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, July 26, 2018


MC said the other day :


It's been  ten days since the movers unloaded all our "stuff"  and we are now 99% settled    We have done this so many times we can do it in our sleep.

Our Realtor, Linda Hilley,  found us the perfect home.  Not only was this 18 month old home move- in-ready, it was  our style.  Nothing to change.....the house was perfect.
Everything we have accumulated over the years has a home in this house.  They were meant to be here!

The movers arrived right on time on Tuesday morning at 8:00 am.  Then the "fun" began.  Our water did not get turned on until after 4:00 pm.  Quite a challenge for our aging bladders.  The refrigerator and washer and dryer were scheduled for a Wednesday delivery.  Due to "we couldn't find all the items" and other feeble excuses, they didn't arrive until Friday.  Griffin and McDonough restaurants were the winners on that.  Comcast, to their credit, arrived exactly when they said they would and connected us up perfectly.  

Both of us are looking forward to resuming all our friendships here and making new ones.

Hope you enjoy seeing the following pictures of our new home




Friday, May 25, 2018


You read that correctly. 

Our lease in our Danville apartment is almost over.  We  knew we had to make a decision  where we would go ,,,Quickly

After a TON of research we figured .....

Let's go back to Sun City Peachtree in Georgia.   We have so many friends there and we miss them and our life there.

We drove down  last Sunday.   Linda, my "Life"  Realtor, set us up with showings of resales  and we had an appointment at  the Sales Center to check out new construction.

The first resale we went to was  exactly  what we wanted.    We walked in  and we both said "YES"  this is our new home. 
To be sure ,  we checked out the other resales  and priced out new construction homes at the Sales Center.    Our minds kept  on going back to that first resale.

Linda wrote up an offer and it was accepted .     We will be moving on July 16th.

I don't even know how many homes and apartments we have lived in  the last 59 years.  I lost count.

After we are in and  the pictures are hung, I will post with pictures.   It's one of the smallest of the models but has everything we need.

Check back later

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Secret of Southern Charm

KRISTY  WOODSON HARVEY has done it again !

  Secrets to Southern Charm captures  what true Southern love is by bringing the reader into the characters and their lives.  Kristy has a magic quality and ability to bring life to Peachtree Bluff .

Although I am a Yankee from Long Island, New York,  I have lived over 45 years in the South.
Through Kristy's novels, Dear Carolina, Lies and Other Acts of Love, Slightly South of Simple and lastly The Secret to Southern Charm, I now know how beautiful it is to be a Southern woman.

I can't wait to return to Peachtree Bluff.  Kristy, the next chapter can not come fast enough. 
Thank you for opening my eyes.

Patty Day

Sunday, December 3, 2017



Saturday, September 23, 2017

Our "Third Childhood" home! #36

Greetings from Danville, Virginia.

MC and I left Florida and the retirement community of Shell Point (permanently) on September 6th...Just days before Irma.   It took three days to drive up  to Virginia. We were  a day ahead of the storm all the way.  We planned our move before Irma was even in anyone's vision.  It took us 11 hours the first day traveling with the Great Northern Migration to go 280 miles. Not fun,  but 1000 times better than what our neighbors in Ft. Myers were going through.  We were surely blessed.

We had lived in Danville 40 years ago and one year ago our son, Steve moved here for business.   Our daughter lives in High Point, NC an hour and 20 minutes south of here. (High Point Market Everyone!!!)  For the first time in years we live near family!

Steve found us an awesome, unique loft  apartment in the River/Tobacco Warehouse District of Danville.  Most of the buildings have been renovated in the last 15 years.  The District now is being developed  into  many new businesses and  residential spaces. Our loft is in a building that was built in 1915! It started it's life as a hardware store on the street level with industrial businesses on the second and third floors.  Our loft is on the third floor and we have fantastic views of all the original buildings.

On the street level there are now a few commercial spaces and a fantastic Decor/Furniture store with a cafe and bakery!!!!  Heaven!  On the second and third floor are 21 apartments.  Each a little different.





We have a corner unit with all outside walls brick,  open beamed 14 foot ceilings with all the HVAC exposed, the original wood floors and TONS  of character. We have over 1200 sq. ft. with 2 bedrooms and a bath and half.   We also have interior windows.  The one going from the kitchen to the master bedroom I have covered with art on both sides and the other window from the hall going up three stairs to the upper level into MC's office I have left open!

The colors of the walls are nothing like we have ever lived with Before!!!!
My daughter and her Dear Friend, Janet, stopped in this afternoon.  They came up with the perfect names of the rooms' colors.

Living Room and Main Hall are Curry
Master Bedroom is Celery
Kitchen, Entry Hall and Powder Room are Saffron
MC's room is Golden Delicious Apple

A far cry from my soft grays.........
It has been challenging but a total blast putting all our furnishings at home here.