Thursday, January 22, 2015

It Might Be January......BUT

We are ready for a party!!!!
Drinks at 4:00!!!
It's on the way to 60 degrees!!!  

Added four sheer drapery panels to our Terrace/Dining Room!!
Boy, what a difference!
What started out as a terrible eye sore has evolved into a lovely space.  It will only get better when we can add color with hanging flower baskets in a few months!  Meanwhile,  our new shrubs are growing at a RAPID rate.  Could my  getting  down on my knees  each morning, in front of them,  saying....."GROW, GROW, GROW"   have anything to do with that!!!!!!!

Meanwhile inside I have a big confession.  In case you haven't read a few posts back I will show you.

We were moving things around and WOW I just felt the mirror belonged over the fireplace!!!  But knowing me, it could "belong" somewhere else next month!!!

The treasured Christening Dress has returned to the Master Bedroom.

  For now this is a Good Thing!!!

See you soon,