Sunday, June 17, 2012


Patty's Epiphanies will be a little different today.  I don't know about  you, but I am very "over" seeing pictures of my Great Room!  Even if I were to put our bed in there, I wouldn't bore you with it!  It's time to do something DIFFERENT!

Have you noticed all the "New" items on the right side of the page?

First there is a section called:
Visitor Map
Every time someone new views the blog,  it resisters the State or Country (and the flag) they are from.  It's amazing how many  people from all over the world have viewed Patty's Epiphanies!  And... the post they view the most.......Pergola Plans!  MC's pergola plans are being studied from  Saudi Arabia to Jakarta to Belgium !!! Wonder how many MC Pergola's are around the world?  The second most popular,  our Sherwin Williams paint color, Silver Strand.

Blog Archives
This isn't new.  It's been there from Day 1.  But,  it's a great source to get a laugh now and then.  You must go back and visit the blogs on  our first home through our present,  and 35th home, The Bucket List House!  Check out May 21, 2010, (Title--- #1)  The  "Design" phases I have been through over the 53 years of our marriage are pretty horrendous!!  I can't believe I did most of them!

Under the Archives is something  "New":
Patty's Personal Binterest     ..........(clever name, isn't it?)

Here you will find numerous websites from Designers, Wonderful Get A Ways, to  amazing shopping.   No  Favorites....they are in Alphabetical order.  I will continue to add to this list.

Under Patty's Personal Pinterest:
Wonderful Places (Blogs) To Visit
This is exactly what it is.  Great Blogs I have found from all over.  I had no idea there were so many interesting Design Blogs!!!   I have been updating them for days.  The interesting part of this section is that when the Blogger posts a new post the Blog  immediately moves to the top.   This in itself is genius!

Finally there are the Bio's of MC, Erica and Myself!
I "cleaned" up my bio this afternoon.  Shorter !

Ok....So why and what will be different today?

I am going to make life easy for you.  To tweak your interest I am going to "Feature" a designer and share why they are on Patty's Personal Pinterest List!

I didn't want to show favorites here either, so I closed my eyes, moved the mouse down the "list" and stopped it.  It landed on:

Fernandez & True Interiors

Jennifer True and John Fernandez

 Jennifer and John

The Amazing Gentleman's Parlor
at Atlanta's 2012 Symphony Show House

 pictures from the blog 
The Peak of Chic

When Patti and I visited the Atlanta Symphony's Show House last April, we met Jennifer.  She and John designed the Gentleman's Parlor for the Show House.  It was absolutely stunning!.  Jennifer was so open and interesting to talk to.  I wish I had brought my camera, but believe it or not, I left it home!  ON PURPOSE!   I didn't think pictures were permitted!  That will never, ever,  happen again!

The textures and materials used in this tiny space were magnificent.   The custom  designed wall hanging above the bar, brought all the elements together, creating the look any Gentleman's Parlor would demand!

Visit their website.....Enjoy

See you soon at another wonderful place at Patty's Personal Binerest!


  1. how come it doesn't say italy? I def viewed from there!

  2. MK...because we just added the "feature". It doesn't go into posts prior to when we started it a week or so ago....go back to Italy, go on to the blog and we will have it!

  3. Ok, I must admit I thought the first picture of John Fernandez with the bunny ears (literally) put a smile on my face.

  4. i love seeing how many different countries read!

  5. This is so cute! I find a treasure everytime I scroll down your blog page. loves.