Monday, June 25, 2012


I was thinking .....  Or in other words, I had an Epiphany ...for a Post.   This is not a room remake!! 

We are constantly reading that the Foyer, or Entrance,  reflects the style of what's to come!  Makes sense!  In other words....The FIRST IMPRESSION of the home!

My Epiphany:
......... to show  foyers from Designer's Portfolios that  I have on my Binterest List!    (by the way,  this list grows daily!)  My only problem,  there were few shots of foyers in the  Designers' profiles.    I hope this will give you an insight into a few of my Binterest Designers.   Or a FIRST IMPRESSION.....a clue,  to what their talent expresses!!!

Great Designer's can work in any Style.  They aren't limited to one period, or "style".  A successful Designer  creates a space to fit the client.    After looking at the spaces,  I realized I was able to see an insight into the Designer's talents!

 Browse through the following Foyers, Entrys--- or as one great Design denotes the space.....


 Design by Amy Morris
 ..... classic design to perfection
I love that settee! 

Two Foyers by Barry Dixon
Barry is Nationally recognized....  Designing beautiful spaces for clients worldwide.


 Phoebe Howard ...Phoebe has such a touch for clean, classic design.

 Two  Foyers
 Designed by Jan Showers...
Jan creates the most Glamorous Designs I have ever seen!!!
 I have her book Glamorous Rooms on my coffee table!!!
 It's my bible!

Note the animal hide!  My family and friends still doesn't understand my love for these!!!


Melanie Turner's Design for a home in Buckhead 
Melanie's work is timeless glamour !

 Remember this?  ....David Kleinberg......The Ultimate Foyer!!!!

  A gracious, welcoming design by Sherry Hart
Love Sherry's Blog....   Design Indulgence.....a must read.
 Her sense of humor is unbelievable!!! 


Timothy Whealon..  one very casual and one very glamorous! 


Suzanne Kasler Design. 
 Suzanne captures all designs.  
Suzanne  Signature Designs is exclusive to the  Ballard Design Catalog.   
You  must check your Ballard catalog to see Suzanne's pieces.
You do have your Ballard catalog?
  Of course you do,
what a silly question!


 Liz Williams Interiors. 
  Check out her website.  I wish there were more foyers to show!
Her designs are fabulous


You can't beat this!!
This is one of my favorites ..ever


Suellen Gregory Designs.
This gorgeous room is featured in the July/August issue of Veranda!
Veranda and Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles are
staples in the Bucket List House!

 and here.....a totally different "Style"!


just for fun
Design By Patty Day


  1. I'm still working on my foyer. That's a work in progress.

  2. I love your foyer so much I'm considering painting my front door black also. The minus is my foyer is small and a black door might make it look smaller. But I sure do love the look.

  3. Naz, it might work if you have black to play off in other parts of the foyer or adjoining rooms. I love the look. It took a lot of paint to cover that white door!!!

  4. Patti,
    It didn't help when I took the one piece of furniture back, sorry.

  5. Patti, Were you really up and blogging at 5:20AM? Once again, I enjoyed all of the beautiful pictures. Which designer does a more traditional look? The "perfect" look is very nice, but I need a more "lived in" look! :) Any recommendations from your list?

  6. Hi Patty -
    Thanks so much for all the foyer inspirations. And, thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate it. I'm laughing at Binterest....I read that you changed the name to avoid going to jail....ha, ha :-)
    Cheers from DC,

  7. Lynda, The Patti that made the comment at 5:20 AM IS MY DAUGHTER!! I was no where near up!!! Notice the two comments from Patty Day at 9:09am!!!
    I will search through the Designers and others not on Binterest....and show you ideas for a more "Traditional" feel.

  8. Patty...some gorgeous foyers there....thanks again for adding one of mine...which was about 10 years ago :)
    I only wish I had a grand one like yours....

  9. Sherry, I'm loving you think our foyer is Grand! It's all done with DIY projects! The Bucket List House is a DIY Project!!!

  10. I love your foyer inspirations especially the first one and the one with the zebra rug. Both are so beautiful and elegant!

    You did a wonderful job with your foyer, by the way!

    Thanks for following and for your sweet comments, Patty.