Monday, June 18, 2012

Patty's Personal Binterest Visits....

Who Do I Visit Tonight?

DAVID KLEINBERG is one of the most respected names in interior design. Over a thirty-year career with projects reaching around the world, Kleinberg has created a body of work that is wide-ranging in style yet always modern in sensibility. Whether boldly inspired or carefully nuanced, Kleinberg’s interiors are above all clean-lined, sophisticated and highly attuned to each client’s lifestyle.

After graduating from Trinity College in 1976, Kleinberg explored the New York design world while working first at Denning  Fourcade and then at Mara Palmer. His talents were further honed during his sixteen-year tenure at the venerable Parish-Hadley Associates, beginning in 1981. Kleinberg left Parish-Hadley in 1997 to start his own firm DAVID KLEINBERG DESIGN ASSOCIATES.

International in scope, the full-service interior design firm has grown exponentially and employs 25. Kleinberg’s clients appreciate the all-encompassing abilities of his organized, efficient firm. On large-scale interior renovation projects, it’s not uncommon for Kleinberg to direct a group of leading lighting specialists, craftsmen, and art advisers to work with his in-house team on the design and interior renovation process. “Our biggest compliment is the repeat business from our clients. We regularly complete several projects for each and in every case the clients are looking for something different. When looking back, I strive to evolve and change direction, not to repeat.”

For more information on David Kleinberg, we invite you to explore our website or please contact info@dkda.com to schedule an appointment.



David refers to his foyers as.....ARRIVALS.....Love that term...love it!

The carpet in this room is fabulous!  And....it relates to the ceiling...Magnificent!

 I could get used to this type of living....

 Look.....LOOK.....Look at the lighting!!!  

Not quite sure what that is in eating area..Wow
But the kitchen is perfect!


Perfect spot for a glass of wine

 "She" relaxes here.....

 "He" relaxes here........

a Book!
Amazon I'm ordering this.....now 

OK....How do I get David to my Bucket List House????

Patti gave me a great idea this evening......I will give all the "credit" to her!  She suggested I ask everyone to show ME what they have done to their homes.  What "epiphanies" do my readers have??  Send them to me and I will add them to the blog....
Simple...email me at:

I also want to say that the Blog has a number of new followers....Naz from Johnston, Rhode Island has become one of my best!!  Naz, would love to know more about you!

I will have to have our little "Contest" soon.  The new followers don't know about The Contest!  That is unless they have labored over all the archives.....  Really don't think so......

It works this way.  As the Blog approaches a milestone of "Hits"......I have everyone send to me their guess when the next milestone will happen.  I usually do it for every 5,000 Hits.  That's a lot for this little blog from nowhere!   I also give a Prize to the winner!!!!  Yes, the winner gets my Personal Check for $25!!!  Now can  you top that?  This time the prize will be more.....because this will be a special milestone.  We are getting ready to hit 25,000.  The number 25 is very dear to MC and myself!!!  So the prize will be.....are you ready....
I'm sure you will all want to enter.  I haven't started it yet...will wait a few days or so.  I will let you all know when we start the count down!!!


  1. The icicle lighting is DREAMY!!

  2. It looks like a lot of the pics were taken in your house.

  3. It looks like a lot of the pics were taken in your house.

  4. I wish! But you can see why they are on Patty's Person Pinterest!!!

    Erica.....that lighting is unbelievable!! We have to work on that!

  5. The dining room with the icicle lighting and moody blue....perfect dinner party setting.

  6. Thanks for the shout out Patty. A little info about me to put in a nutshell and not to bore anyone. I met my husband when we were 16 and we were 20 years old when we married. Seven years later we had the first of our 3 daughters. In Sept. we will celebrate our 40th anniversary.
    We plan on downsizing and selling our home now since just my youngest daughter is the only one living at home with us.
    Right now I'm figuring out which real estate agent to use and staging the home. I do enjoy design blogs and yours is the newest one on my favorites list. Great job of blogging Patty as it's truly one of my favorites.

  7. Naz, I am honored to be one of your favoirites...I think this is a first! WOW.
    MC and I met when I was 15 and he was 17. (Nov.25,1955) We got married July 25, 1959...He has a Senior at Va. Tech. Our first, a son, was born, Oct.21,1960, second child, a girl, Sept. 19,1961, and our third, a son, on Jan 30, 1963. We were busy!!
    I need your email and Blog address ..
    Thanks for your support. I truly appreciate it....
    ....ps good luck with the sale of your home. Interview at least 3 agents, find the one you can "connect" with and who has the passion to sell "Your" home. Just old advice from a retired Realtor.

  8. Welcome ODonDesign....Thanks for visiting. I agree....A beautiful place for a dinner party.

  9. We just got a new Flag....Poland joined us about 30 minutes ago...
    This is Fun!

  10. Hi Michael
    Your Blog ODondesign is a work of art. I referred the Blog to my niece, MK, who is studying different forms of photography at the University of Florida in Tampa. Thanks for your look at this blog...

  11. These rooms are all amazing and his attention to detail is incredible. The kitchen is gorgeous, but the peek into the breakfast room with the stunning art is a favorite!!

  12. Thanks DesignChic...the fantastic art work is in an eating area....I have made note on the blog...
    Thank you ...Thank you.

  13. I've been saying for years and years I should blog but still haven't figured out what to blog about.
    Patty, I'd like to email you but can't find your email on your blog.

  14. Naz...I my email is:


    Hope to hear from you, Patty

  15. nicely done. thanks for shearing it with us. keep it up.
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