Sunday, June 10, 2012


 Scotts is amazing!

Yes, Sherry, it is quite the place!  We only had time to walk through the South Building.  Leaving we drove around the Garden Center.  Never got to the North Building...saw the luxury bus making it's last run for the day.  We got there around 2:00 ......it closes at 4:00 ....poor timing but it did give us an idea and  a chance to feel the experience.

On the way parking the car, I spotted a teeny mirror on the outside of the building....Of course we had to check it out before we ever entered the building!   


MC and the Dealer did some serious bargaining.......He was asking $5. MC offered $4!  By the time the Dealer went through change for MC's $5 dollar bill, we paid $4.25....he was making up the last 25 cents with nickles and pennies!  I certainly hope he had other sales today!  He asked us a couple of times what we were going to do with it.  We told him we would probably paint it gold and go from there...  I have no idea where it will end up, but I have seen these little mirrors showing up in a lot of high end rooms!

 This is where we parked......Took many minutes to find a secluded spot for our new "Used" car!  MC had to walk all the way back with the mirror before we went into the building!

  By the time we got in the building, most of the Dealers were packing up and loading their trucks.  We split up and decided to  met an hour later.

I was so excited I found the white painted chair with the black cushions that I loved on Sherry's blog!  Holly was so pleasant to talk to.  She was packing up and will be  back next month in a larger space.


 Love her dress!!!

 . Holly has done a great job refurbishing the piece.  The fabric is a very fine linen.  She said it will be featured in Oprah's magazine.......I sadly had to leave it.....$825 didn't fit this month's budget!

 Love her card!

 I call this the "White" booth.  Even the dealers were in white

Love this piece... I believe it was sold....I opened the doors and inside were checks just thrown in..No one was around. Very strange!

Great chest with nail heads!!!


and.......Fabulous pillows everywhere!!!



 This one reminds me of the one in our Master Bedroom.....but it was $575 and ours was $269 on line

Chairs.....Chairs and more........not to mention all the ottomans!


 Oh MY NDI is so much nicer!!!!!!  $164 I don't think so!

Met up with MC who had done his own searching.  He found two gems.....

This is a picture of the ship his Grandfather sailed from Italy to America on!!!  His father's father arrived on September 26, 1910 at Ellis Island

We really would have bought this, but it was $900!!!!

The other fantastic find of MC's

The top pennant depicts the  games VPI (Va Tech) played against U Va. from 1899 until 1905.  U Va. won all but the last one in 1905.  Tech won 11-0.  U Va.  refused to play them again until 1923....Tech won that one 6-3!
This was $1200.....

Sadly we left, spending the original $4.25!!!!

This is a jewel
I bet it will be back next month

  Wish I had thousands to spend!!!!  But it was fun and we will go back!  Thanks Sherry for bringing it to our attention.


  1. How fun!! I would love to go there. Are the prices good? Some sounded pretty high....Great adventure and can't wait to hear about your next visit there.

  2. Yes the prices are mostly on the high end. But....it's all good stuff! Refinished furniture and antiques, etc. Some bolts of great fabrics and beautiful new pillows I guess there is a little of the usual "junk" but the majority of the dealers specialize in the better of the antique refinishing world! Dealers from all over the country! Oh, lots of headboards. Lots of everything!

  3. Seems cool but Soo expensive. Nice stuff.

  4. Patty.....I am so glad it lived up to its expectations!!! You really have to go on a Friday or Saterday The energy is much better. You can see they have something for everybody:)

  5. Sherry....For sure we will go back and it will be on a Friday or Saturday. There is a lot of interest from my "neighbors" about a field trip!

  6. I have the exact same little sun mirror and the moon that I bought as a matched set from Burlington Coat Factory. I believe I purchased it 7 years ago and it was only $10 for the packaged set. It was a great deal and I still enjoy them.

  7. I'm going to have some fun deciding where to "hang" it! Stay tuned and find out!