Wednesday, June 20, 2012

OMG--I think I could have gone to jail!

It never, ever, dawned on me when I used the word "Pinterest" in my new section called Patty's Personal Pinterest, that I may be using the word, "Pinterest" without legal "permission" !!!  So I am renaming it:
Patty's Personal Binterest...  I think it's even clever-er....that's probably not a word, but I'm using it anyway.....(MC says Pinterest and Binterest aren't words either so why not!)

Binterest.....Bucket List House Interests!!!

The Bucket List House hasn't changed in a week!  That is a record!  Not that I am "finished",  I will never be finished!!  I just haven't thought of anything!   Could it be my age?

  I am serious about your sending me your personal projects.  I would love to Show-Off  your ideas.  I might even copy some of them...with permission, of course!

Now, I will let the mouse find another website......let's see where it lands!

today we visit:



Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” – CoCo Chanel
Westbrook Interiors, an Atlanta interior design firm specializing in high-end residential and commercial projects, employs this philosophy in each and every project, whether it’s a private residence, vacation home, large-scale renovation, spa or professional office. And like Chanel’s “little black dress,” our interiors are effortlessly elegant, comfortably tailored and always classic.
With each project – modern, traditional, or in between – our goal is to make the design feel cohesive and reflect not only the character of the home, but also the client’s tastes. And whether we are integrating a client’s treasured objects into their new home or accumulating every piece, it is our goal for each project to look as though every meticulously curated piece was collected over time.
Barbara Westbrook, a native of Virginia, launched Atlanta-based interior design firm Westbrook Interiors in 1992 after designing under the tutelage of venerable talents Nancy Braithwaite and Gandy-Peace. For twenty years, she has made her mark on interiors employing her signature style: tasteful, tactile, timeless and simply elegant. Westbrook’s inviting approach to design has yielded high-style results in traditional, transitional, and contemporary interiors.
From the pages of Barbara's website

Classical architecture comes to life thanks to a mix of European antiques, sophisticated upholstery with dressmaker details like pleats, ties and tufts and a bit of brilliance in the form of plexiglass and goldleaf. Varying tones of cream, chocolate and blue create unexpected contrast and warmth throughout the refined interiors.

What a lovely space!  It pulls you in with grace.
The details are fantastic!!   My favorite element... the back of the chairs !
You know I love the painting above the credenza!  The  feel of this room is soft and restful.  

 The mixture of woods, metals and fabrics are perfect!  Texture, texture ....texture!

A tasteful balance of dark and light, and traditional and contemporary elements comes into play inside this modern Buckhead high-rise with sweeping views of the city. In this model home, thoughtful, artful details reign supreme, from a floating chandelier and black-and-white Yamamoto prints to intricate tufting and decorative trims.

This is my version of Heaven!!  City Elegance!
How do I get those blue chairs with the white frames????

The chandelier....  and the Hosts chairs.....  what balance!

Clean sophisticated kitchen.....  The stools look comfortable....how many stools look and are comfortable????

This year Barbara, and Westbrook Interiors,  outdid themselves in the Master Bedroom of the Atlanta Symphony's Show House.  The pictures are from the Blog,  "The Peak Of Chic"

This room was designed with the most gorgeous antiques.  Priceless and gorgeous!!!  Patti and I marveled at how Grand it was!!!

Hope you enjoyed your visit.  Come back soon.....Never know where I'll be next?????


  1. Barbara is definitely one of the best. I have always loved her style and the master bedroom at the show house this year was fabulous.
    Thanks for all of those great pictures!

  2. I agree Sherry. Her style is so Elegant and Classic.

  3. Haha! I thought you named it that on purpose!! I doubt jail was in your future, but i like the new name!

    Welcome all new readers! It is wonderful to see some really nice comments from new people! Blogs are all about sharing, and there's some great convos happening :)

  4. Hi Patty!
    Thanks for the nice comments on my blog! Your blog is lovely and I love this post. Barbara is such a talent and I love her use oc color/no color. So rich.

  5. What gorgeous interiors. Love the chic and classic style and the first image is gorgeous!!