Saturday, July 28, 2012


A few days ago, I realized, that although I love my new Office, it was lacking something.....What?
Then it hit me......WARMTH! 

I realized that I staged the space as I would if I were putting the house on the market!  There weren't any real personal items that gave me that warm and cozy feeling!  And I realized why!

I had been in the Real Estate world for years.  I have known that the editing of "Personal" things is a must when staging a home.  Without thinking, that's the way I accessorized my new Office!  Except for the pictures of the Garden City Hotel, and the Johnny's Dock menu,  there was nothing of Me in the space!

I held my breath and YES brought out the FAMILY!!!  I knew I wouldn't hang them as a gallery or focal point.    I'm of the old school that family pictures are best left  in the private areas of a home. A Portrait of good ole  "Uncle John" hanging over the fireplace looking down at everyone!  No, no that's not what I wanted!   That is why I didn't add them to begin with.  My office is at the end of the kitchen and is visible from the front door!!  NOT PRIVATE.

I rearranged the pretties, edited a few,  and added small framed pictures I had of our family,  in a subtle fashion.  I think I got everyone in!!!  Please no complaints!

I have a great view from  my desk.  I look out at a vista of trees and the Golf Course, when most of the trees loose their leaves.  I was in love with the manner I had hung my Garden City Hotel pictures on the wall unit,  and wanted to continue that design on the window wall.   There is a 6 inch window frame separating the three windows.  I discovered that if I was very careful I could hang three items that mean all the world to me on those two frames.  One is a caricature drawn of my Dad and the other two are just as unique and very special.  MC many Anniversaries ago gave me a print, by Robert Sexton,  of an elderly couple walking hand and hand into the future.  Oh I love that so, so much.  My Brother, Bobby, loved it also and ordered one for his wife as a gift.  But, he did more.  He loves art and photography.  In 2008 he was in a park, saw a couple walking and immediately snapped their picture.  It was the COUPLE!  He  Photoshopped his picture, had it printed on canvas, and gave me the third treasure,  as a gift!

 What better place for Daddy's favorite caricature
that he drew of Harry Truman

I have not lost one speck of my view .....instead...the view is enhanced with my three treasures!

I have so many new readers and some might not realize the scope of MC's work.  He has a growing following,  Groupies, and they need to see all his work!!!   No, he is not for hire, not yet anyhow!

Not sure you really want him!!!! He works in a very meticulous manner, at his own speed.  He loves to create something out of nothing!  Most of his work is done with what I call a MacGyver work style.





He didn't build this chest  (it was my Lane Hope Chest from 1956

A little more bragging!  He has installed many, many Chandeliers!!!  He's great at this and has it down to a science!

One thing he always keeps in mind while planning a project.......he builds it to be CHANGEABLE.  He knows me all  too well!  Who knows when I will decide to use something in a different fashion!!!
I can't imagine the fireplace wall used in any other manner, but he did the Office wall unit with change possible!!!!

Lisa You Are A Winner

I want to let everyone out there in Blogsville be aware, that my new Blogger Friend has been nominated for  position #9  for High Point Style Spotters & Olioboard !
This was the announcement Lisa made last Monday on her Blog, Lisa Mende Design.

 Follow the instructions, not too difficult for all my smart :) readers. If I hear of more instructions I will keep you posted.  THE VOTING begins this Wednesday, August 1st.


Monday, July 23, 2012

High Point Style Spotters & Olioboard Contest....

Sorry, it took me all day to get my blog post done today!!! My twitter was going crazy this morning, my phone was ringing off the hook, my Facebook and emails were wild!!!!! While I am typically, not one to toot my own horn, I am "over the moon" excited about an email, I received notifying me, that I had been chosen as one of the lucky 15 nominated, to vie for the vacant spot # 9 on High Point Market's "Style Spotter" Group sponsored by Olioboard.

"What is a Style Spotter", you ask? 

Here is High Point Furniture Market's official definition of a Style Spotter:

"Style Spotters are trendsetters that see ahead of the curve in home fashion trends. Watch for them at Market as they walk the show, capturing images of their favorite looks and on-trend products. The Style Spotters will pin those photos to their Pinterest board and will list the exhibitor’s name and showroom number. They will also present the exhibitor with a sign that highlights the Style Spotter’s name with a QR code and URL for the Pinterest board. You can be involved, too! Pin your own product images and vote for your favorite Style Spotter, using the instructions on the right."

What is the High Point Market Style Spotter/Olioboard Contest?

Direct from the horse's mouth.....
(since I couldn't have said it better myself, this copy was borrow from here)

The High Point Market reported that it has partnered with Olioboard.com, the interior design online 2D and 3D moodboard creator, to develop a new contest to select a ninth Style Spotter. This is the first time that Market has opened up the social media program to more than eight tastemakers.

“We wanted to have even more interaction with our home furnishings communities, and this crowdsourcing contest will allow the Market community to select our next Style Spotter,” says Cheminne Taylor-Smith, vice president of the High Point Market Authority. “Olioboard is a perfect site for this contest because it allows members to create 2D and 3D room designs, while highlighting their own style viewpoint. Voters will be able to vote daily for the person that really showcases an eye for design, which is what the Style Spotters are all about.”

Nominations for the ninth Style Spotter were accepted through July 23, when the finalist were announced. All nominees were required to have a social media presence, and had be a qualified attendee for the October High Point Market, such as an interior designer, a retailer, or a member of the media. Here is a list of the finalist:
Jennifer Reynolds Interiors
Tamara Matthews-Stephensen, NestNestNest
Denise McGaha, Denise McGaha Interior Design
Ivey DeLeon, ID Home Decor
Joni Vanderslice, J Banks Design
Sarah Walker, Curated House
Niche By Design
Selma Hammer Designs
Laura van Zeyl, Residential Lighting
Carmen Christensen, Time2Design
Christy Davis, A Modern Housewife
Holly Phillips, The English Room

Kara Legako Interior Design

If you would like to follow any of these finalist on twitter go to
High Point Market's Facebook page.  The twitter names are listed there!
 A panel has selected 15 finalists who will now compete in an Olioboard contest to win a slot on the Style Spotters panel. Olioboard’s online moodboard application will allow these 15 finalists to create digital moodboards and room designs using a collection of product photos from the April Market. 

Finalist now have one week to style their boards, and they can create multiple boards. Designs must be complete by July 31. Voting on the finalists’ boards will run Aug. 1 through Aug. 22. All High Point Market attendees will be able to vote for their favorite Olioboard. When voting closes on Aug. 22, the design with the most votes will win and the finalist will be named to the Style Spotters for the October Market.

The winner will join the fall roster of Style Spotters, which were announced last week:
  • Traci Zeller, Traci Zeller’s Blog, @TraciZeller (Spring 2012 winner)
  • Gretchen Aubuchon, Fashion + Decor, @fashionanddecor
  • Lori Dennis, DesignCamp.com, @loridennisinc
  • Julia Buckingham Edelmann, Material Girls, @buckinghamid
  • Janel Laban, Apartment Therapy, @AptTherapy
  • Cassandra LaValle, Coco + Kelley, @casslavalle
  • Stacy Naquin, Stacy Naquin blog, @StacyNaquin
  • Jason Oliver Nixon, Demystifying Design, @JOliverNixon

 This panel of nine will compete to win "The Style Spotter" for the October 2012 Market based on pins and likes from the "High Point Style Spotter" Pinterest boards created on for them. Even though I was nominated, I still have a loooonnnng way to go til victory!  I would like to ask for your support once the boards go live!  Thanks for reading this and thanks in advance for your support once the contest begins August 1st!


Last Year's Style Spotter Winner was my friend and fellow
MasterMind peer:

On the current Style Spotter 2012 List is my friend:

Stacy Naquin

Two of my friends are also nominees:

Jennifer Reynolds

Denise McGaha

Good Luck Ladies!  May the best man   designer  woman enjoy!!!!!
I can't really say "win" because I think this group of women are already winners!  
I would vote for either of them!  We are all such good friends!
I am just thrilled to be among such fabulous women!

 Good luck Dear New Friend.....

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Yes, MC finished my wall shelves.  I have been going in circles moving things around. I "think" I have arrived at the "First" Premier Viewing!"  Since, I'm me, you realize it will be different at the drop of a hat!  oops....just moved a picture, need to shoot a retake.  OK, we can proceed!

Not going to reveal it that quickly.  I have to build this up a little.  Make it appear like it's a huge event!

I figure I will start with the floor plan of the Bucket List House.  That will give you an idea of the space that is involved.  It's a small area, at the end of the kitchen.....8' x 10'4"....that's it!  It's called NOOK!

Sherry, when I saw your sophisticated use of "Captions",  I begged MC to work on them with me.  I also played with the idea of inserting those great "arrows" that the pro-bloggers use.  MC informed me he had to do that  little bit of  ingenious on his computer, not mine,  so he's working on it now.

He just told me he got it,  and he has inserted it below.....AAAAH he is so clever,  Master Computerman!
Now that you have the vision of the space -------I will continue with how it has looked over the history of our time here.....October 2010 until now.... It has had many different looks!   Things move and change here at the Bucket List House.  MC takes a flash light with him to the bathroom for fear I have moved something since he went to bed!
  I think we've had five (5) different light fixtures!  Pretty sure, yes five, that's counting the one that came with the house....that lasted a week!

I need to take a minute now to go search in my wealth of old pictures of the previous ways the NOOK has looked. Be back in a jiff!

During Construction

Move in Day-----Builders Light Fixture

There was a fabulous light fixture next.  It lasted one day.  It blew the circuit breaker.  Fixture now in a Historic Victorian home in Danville, Va.  Some genius was able to make it work.  Believe me,  IT WAS COOL!

This look was fun. 

This worked until the light fixture stopped working!

Love my crystal ball fixture!  It came from Overstock.com and is identical to a Pottery Barn original

Oh brilliant idea....we switched tables.  The round glass table is now in our "formal"  :)  Dining Room!

Another great idea.... bring the "outside chairs....inside"  Set up for a little Dolcetto fun party!

That gorgeous clock stopped working.  We took it down and had no idea what to replace it with!  After staring at a blank wall for a month, we took it back.  We had it for over a year!!!!  The store gave us a brand new one!!!  I'm still amazed at that Customer Service.....Pier 1, you are great!

We are almost finished with the "history"!

The outside sofa didn't work.  It was shedding it's paint and had to go back outside!  That left the two chairs, which I loved in the room.   I didn't quite know what to do with two chairs at the 8' x 30 "  table? Then....the Epiphany came....make the table a DESK!  I would love to have a desk to write my blog and take care of all our Dolcetto Social doings.  I could have all my "stuff" handy!  We could still use the chairs for breakfast and then use the  round glass table in the "Formal" dining room for dinner!

Moved everything around.  My SIL was here and said I needed a lamp on the table to make it look more "desky".....Found one in use elsewhere which of course started a huge "domino" effect around here...another story altogether!   Put the lamp on the "desk"!  It looked great, but blocked the clock that was now the new clock that was WORKING!

So.....back to blank wall.  Clock moved to wall behind MC's desk.  With a flip of my head, I got it!!!! Another fantastic Epiphany!  MC could construct some shelves for the space.

That was two weeks ago.

Are you ready!

Are you sure?

This is looking towards the new Office  from the Foyer

Getting closer.....

Here we are.....IN MY OFFICE!
The two photos are pictures of the Garden City, N.Y. Hotel.  I grew up in Garden City and spent many, many happy occasions there....a little unknown fact.  I went to Mrs. Skinner's Business College in the Hotel!  It was in the basement and quite an experience!  But see, I can now TYPE!

This entire project was the work of MC----------including the photography and the clever, oh so clever captions and arrow inserts.  Thanks Hon...

Friday, July 20, 2012



with doorman in white gloves!  :)






ON MY ....NO ! NO!


all 2050sq.ft. plus 2 car garage

Have you noticed that Patty's Binterest List has been updated?   For the past week I have been peeking at the blogs from the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE Series ----which has  led me to other blogs----which then has  made me rethink what direction I wanted to go with Patty's Epiphanies. 
 I'm trying to bring some  "reality" to this sometimes insane Blog. 

 The great Blogs that I am now  recommending are blogs from Designers, some with Blogs, and Bloggers!  These are all very talented people who range in age from their early twenties, up to me---  God ----no one is as old as I am! 

The following have taken  time out of their busy lives  to read Patty's Epiphanies and have left many, many kind comments.  They have become family! I am blessed to have them in my life!  Thank you all!

 Tiffany, who is 22, is in  Design School in Toronto. You can click and visit Tiffany and all her wonderful young ideas at: 
Tiffany Leigh Interior Design.

 You have to visit Kathysue who lives in California.  She has  a great design business and shares  practical advice. Also has lots of wonderful hints for skin and hair care!  I have found her skin product advice to be very reasonable (drug store) and very effective! After reading her blog,  MC and I went shopping for face creams, shampoos and great shower gels!  Wonderful products--especially those of us with "dry" skin...Patti take note.  Please, oh please,  visit Kathysue at:
 The Good Life of Design...  

Lisa Mende from Charlotte, N.C.  Her blog Lisa Mende Design can be found at: http://lisamendedesign.blogspot.com/
Lisa has become a great new friend!  I only wish that I knew her when we lived in Charlotte.  What fun we would have "shopping" and enjoying a lunch!   Her design work is outstanding.  You must check her site.  She is now one of MC's biggest fans.

I beg of you, please read their  Bio's. You will find out just how  fabulous and  talented they are, and quickly learn that these are true down to earth wonderful people who wish to guide, help,  and make your world beautiful!

One special Designer who also has a blog is Loi Thai.   He  has a very successful design business in DC and an Antique shop.  He shares the projects he's working on and one of his specialties is gardens..gorgeous gardens!
His blog is Tone on Tone at:

and of course.......

I can't say enough about Sherry.  I had a wonderful, fun, fun day with Sherry last Friday afternoon at Scotts Antique Market.  Probably made a fool of myself--- acting like a Groupie!  Sherry was my first Blog "live" meeting!  She paid for my pillows with her personal check and actually trusted me to pay her back. The fact I wasn't prepared with cash or checks proved to all that I am not a hip antique shopper!  I didn't realize  many dealers don't take credit cards...I know, I don't watch those TV shows. Have no idea how to shop an antique market!
Sherry has a very successful Design business in Atlanta,  gives design lectures,--- must attend one, --- and is so sharing of her talents.  You can visit Sherry Hart at:  Design Indulgence

Fly out to Illinois and visit Jessie!  Jessie commented on my blog over a month ago and has been checking in daily ever since!  I am so appreciative. Thanks so much Jessie!   She is from Lpoh, Malaysia and received a BA in Advertising from Campbell University in North Carolina.   She found her passion for design as a newlywed and hasn't stopped since!  She and her husband are redoing their Master Bedroom for the One Room Challenge and her husband has completely redone their wood flooring!!! Another MC!  Her Blog is Mix and Chic: 

 We have many more who have taken the time to visit Patty's Epiphanies and have dropped off a note or two.  I'm always checking out their new posts.

Linda, a transplant to N.J. from California who specializes in DIY!!!  Her blog, My Crafty Home:

Linda from Raleigh is a Realtor who has a staging blog:  Linda Beam An Affection for Staging: 

Kim Macumber Interiors has gorgeous designs:

Tiffany McLean's blog is a DIY must:  Living Savvy: 

Elizabeth at Little Black Door--I absolutely love that name---is a young Mom who also loves DIY. 

Abby at Delightful Design checks in from Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Beth at  Powell Brower Home who calls her blog a stop for Frequent Redecorators...that's me!

But I have a few more to recommend!   IF YOU LOVE TURQUOISE YOU MUST, MUST VISIT this one.  I am constantly amazed at the beautiful spaces Erin shows in all shades of turquoise and blues.  Gorgeous, gorgeous rooms!  House of Turquois.  She has me loving blues all over again! I will warn you that her spaces are very elegant and beachy at the same time!  Now that's a talent!

There is a blog called Design Chic.  It's written by non designers who are a Mother and Daughter "team" who are natural designers!  What fun they have!  They have recently been posting on White Clapboard houses, including the Kennedy Compound! Of course, I added a comment that I had been there last summer!!! Couldn't resist.  For beautiful sights and visions of dreams, check this blog out.  P.S. they are looking forward to seeing  MC's bookshelves!

A reader from New England, Naz, has become a faithful fan.  Naz is there for every post!  She is selling her home, that they have lived in for over 20 years.  What a fun time she is having clearing out stuff!!!

These are some of my new and dear friends.  Please support them.  I assure you, you will be taken in.  I am spending hours at my laptop checking them daily!!!  Wednesdays I get NOTHING DONE!  Most are involved with the One Room Challenge...only two weeks left!  Maybe my life will go back to some normalcy in August!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I have been reading all morning.  Nothing is getting done around here!  MC found a way to put the list of Blogs here, as a post, so that you are now able to click on to each one.  .they are fabulous.
  Beth - Chinoiserie Chic
Lauren - The Cottage Mix
Lindsay - Everything LEB
Barbara - Hodge:Podge
Tiffany - Living Savvy
Jessie - Mix & Chic
Danylle - Nana Moon
Jennifer - The Pink Pagoda
Emily - Rue de Emily
Lindsay - Sadie + Stella

I think Alison from My Little Happy Place has had to leave the group.  Sorry to see her leave, but understand....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012



  Our 25,000 Hit occurred. Tuesday,  July 17th at 12:05pm!  Great pick Bruce.

The Prize Patrol surprised Bruce this afternoon!!!  He was ecstatic and overwhelmed at his good fortune!  

Tomorrow I will be spending the morning checking  the Bloggers who are participating in "The One Room Challenge"!   This is Week 4!    Take a peek and see what they have been up to.  The Blogs are on the right hand side of the page.  It has been so much fun following these very talented girls!  

Working very hard on research for a few updates on Patty's Epiphanies.  Hope you will like the direction I will be taking.....