Monday, November 29, 2010



It is raining.... and.... that means......NO TREE PICK-UP....today!

Pikes Nursery is about a 45 minute drive. It was highly recommended that we pick up the tree on a sunny day. Any moisture could break down the "flocking" !!!!

We are now scheduled for Thursday, December 2nd !!! The forecast is for a sunny day in the 60's...
Perfect! Russ has graciously volunteered his truck and personal help to MC. I now will be indebted to him and his unmerciful teasing for months!!!! Seriously, he's a GREAT guy and I thoroughly enjoy his teasing....just don't let him know!

Any guesses on what the SECRET accent color is going to be????? Oh I hope I can pull this one off!

Check back on Thursday.........

Tuesday, November 23, 2010



That's what I said when I decided to have all the knobs on the kitchen cabinets different. It all started in Norfolk. I was looking for new hardware, went to a kitchen custom cabinet store and found a table with odd knobs. They were discontinued items and were 25 cents each. I picked about 20 and headed home..... happy as a lark!

I have continued the "Tradition" ...... ONLY BETTER

This time was even more fun....

Remember ??

During the summer, I visited "Bubba" at his custom cabinet shop. I needed many more than the orginal 20 for our new kitchen. I asked him if he had "odd" kitchen hardware. He sent me into the back of his shop where there was a large cardboard box. Inside the box were knobs left over from his jobs. I choose about 30 and went to pay him........He said: "Oh they're .... FREE..... I was about to toss them.....are you sure that's all you want?"

Sane people would think this very unconventional......but I have never claimed to be SANE!!!!

I hope I never stop thinking......it's fun being A LITTLE ODD!!!!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010



All in one weekend!

Patti and Mark arrived yesterday afternoon!!! There is my "baby".....the Henredon sofa from 1968!!!

The upholsterer came with her truck a few hours later and whisked it away to her workshop. The next time we see it it will be absolutely drop dead,.....GORGEOUS!!!!

This morning, Patti and I headed out for, Yes....... you guessed it Senoia and Peachtree City!! Patti did a lot of Christmas shopping in Senoia......that should keep a few of my readers interested and excited!

It was early, no reason to head home, so off to Peachtree City! I wanted to check the large nursery, Pikes, to see when they were opening their Christmas shop and when they would have the flocked trees ready for sale................

SURPRISE......................they started selling flocked trees last week!!!! Apparently once the tree has been "flocked" it is preserved for at least one year..... or longer. They have customers who use them for two or three seasons!!! A much improved process from the 60's! So, not to let the perfect tree slip me buy......I bought one!!! They are holding it until we can get it home.....I am one happy camper.

Of course the "bringing home THE tree" will be a great photo opportunity and hopefully I can show it. I can't believe I bought a Live Christmas Tree on Nov. 20th!!!

"Stay Tuned" ..... a LOT is going on.....

Thursday, November 18, 2010



Here we go....


First Bucket List House Project

Master Carpenter started last week, with the help of our dear friend, Russ. They traveled (via Russ' truck) to Lowes....one of Master Carpenter's favorite places.....and picked up two, unfinished cabinets. He will use one on each side of the fireplace as the base for the built-ins.... A new design...!!! Shelves will be built, above, in various sizes, to accommodate all our treasures.

MC (Master Carpenter) has been in the work shop (garage) sanding and painting all week and the first one was carried in this afternoon with Carlon's help (great neighbor!)

We are so, so, fortunate to have friends that are so gracious to help!!!!!! Thank you so much.

Stay tuned for


Tuesday, November 16, 2010



As I was looking at the pictures we took over the weekend this one caught my eye!!!

When I was a young girl .....(the "period" now known as "Mid-Century"!)......I had the idea that I would have a little girl who sat in a chair and looked perfect! She would never get dirty and always act like a young lady...

Well here she is.........




This all began with THE unique light fixture!!! It's "life" started at the shop where Erica works. She and the owner, Connie, never felt it "fit" the shop's image. So, when they found a replacement last summer, I commented that I could find a place for it. They were more than happy to hand it over........

I was sure it would look great over our kitchen table .....and it did! But..... we had an electrical problem! As the electrician explained....the frequencies it threw off were so "loud" that it caused the circuit boxes in the garage to "pop"!!! The fixture was unusable!!

......Oh Boy.. I could buy another chandelier!!!! By now you all know how I love that!! It took hardly a day to find it's replacement.

I was determined to use the chandelier from the shop somewhere. A chandelier not finding a "home" is too hard for me to accept!!

Bobby, Carla, Giada, Erica and Adam were here this weekend. When I had a quiet moment (rare this weekend!) I asked Erica where we could "hang" it?? It didn't have to "work".....just hang!

Erica looked at me with those sparkling eyes of hers and said: "Grandma, I think I have it"!

Enter Master Carpenter.....we had to figure out how to hang it and not have it look like a chandelier! He remembered the "arms" were movable and placed them in a half circle. He then figured out how to hang it ...

Presto .......

I can't promise how long the "vase" will remain, but for today's photo shot it will do. The plant stand came from England on the ship Grandma's father traveled to the States in the 1800's.

The "Girls" did find time this weekend to do a little shopping. Saturday we ventured to Senoia. Erica found a hat! Just happens that Master Carpenter has one just like it !!

Giada looks better !!!!

(if you look closely, you can see the new chandelier over the table)

Master Carpenter is at work in his "shop" ......he started the Wall Units!!!!! Can't rush him, but I hope we have some progress soon to show........

Monday, November 8, 2010


MACYS PUT THEIR TREE UP.....on November 5th!

Now, that is too much!

But......when I got my Birthday present from our Son, Steve and his family, I started to "Think Christmas"!!!

Steve thought he was sending "Live" greenery and fruit for Fall. But, in reality, the wreath and garland are silks. He was so upset. I have reassured him that it got my mind churning and it is a FABULOUS gift!!

I didn't have enough ornaments to "decorate" our new home and a large tree. All the fabulous silk magnolias, greenery, and fruits I now have ......... well.........I can't wait to get to work!

I have no idea what I will do, but I'll have a lot of fun. I'm thinking of all the different ways I can adorn the live, flocked, white, tree we will buy. We haven't had a live tree since the Tacoma Christmases!!

This is going to be Great.......

Will start after Thanksgiving. With a live tree, I can't do it too early.

Stay tuned....I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010



We needed a clock......
We went shopping......
We found a clock.....
We can read it!!

Eventually the famous "Family Clocks" will be hung. That needs to wait until Master Carpenter constructs the valances. I have to actually "see" the valances to know the desired "height" of the clocks.

I will say one thing......we will know what time it is when we are in the kitchen......