Monday, March 28, 2016

HOME #38

September 1959

We started out in an apartment in an old beautiful home in Blacksburg, Virginia.  MC was starting his Senior Year at Virginia Tech.   I  think it probably had 700 sq.ft......and now after 37 homes later, we have come full circle to our new apartment.....which ironically has 700 sq.ft.!

MC and I moved into our unit in Shell Point over the weekend.  Finally, after living with 30+ boxes in an  apartment since November, we were able to unpack.  I was amazed that we found a place for everything.  In fact, we actually have extra space.

It has been a challenge to go from 2200 sq ft. in our last house to our new home with 700 sq.ft.   I really didn't think it would be possible.   Then  I figured it out... The SECRET....Give Away 4/5 Of One's Possessions To Family And Friends!

We realized that we could live without "things"!!

  We don't have a sofa, not even one!   We had two and we also kept only  half the number of our chairs!

But, the biggest change to my "decor"? .......The Chandelier Queen doesn't have any chandeliers!   NONE

This Post will be of our Great Room and Kitchen......Our home is  OPEN CONCEPT !!!
MC ordered book cases to house his MC Little People.  When they arrive they will go in our bedroom.   I will share that room when they are in and the room looks finished.

So Dear Friends....here goes.....  HALF OF THE 700 SQ.FT.

El Tigre 
Place of Honor!


We wish to thank all our new friends at the Shell Point Welcome Center.   Jan, Cathi, Inga, Skyler and Jill...
Everyone at the Welcome Center 
They have been so, so helpful and made our move as smooth as glass.



Saturday, March 19, 2016


MC and I had a wonderful time at the Southwest Florida Reading Festival this afternoon in Ft Myers.  My dear friend,  Kristy Woodson Harvey,  was one of the featured speakers!  When I found out she was going to be there we knew we couldn't miss the opportunity to see her again!
As a bonus we got to meet her two special "Wills"!!!!

At 2:00 she was on stage reading a passage from Dear Carolina.  Then there was an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.  Yes I did ask one!  I asked  if she worked from the ending of the story back to the beginning.....Kristy explained that it has worked both ways.  Sometimes she starts the story with the ending in her head and then at other times, the characters just take on a life of their own as she writes!

Kristy's next book, Lies and Other Acts of Love, will be released next month.  I'm hoping when they go on tour, they will come back our way!!!

Talking with her before the presentation, Kristy revealed that she's working on book 3!!!  I don't know how she does it all!

It was a great day and a wonderful break in our preparing for our move...  signing the papers on Monday afternoon.   Monday we will have the car  packed with  our first, of numerous trips,  to carry what we can  from the apartment.  The movers will do the heavy work next Friday.

The next time you hear from me I will be showing you how MC and I preformed the miracle of going from 2200 sq ft to 700 sq ft!!!!

Till then