Friday, November 30, 2012


I think most of you know that MC and I live in  DelWebb's Sun City Peachtree,  south of Atlanta. A few years ago, the Sales Center needed someone to decorate the Sales Office---- pronto.  They called on me and with a lot of help from MC and the Sales Associates we accomplished the job!

Well it happened again!  I got the phone call  asking for HELP.  This time I recruited my dear frineds in our little neighborhood, Dolcetto!

At 11:00 this morning we  went to work.  It's amazing what can be done, not knowing what you're doing.  We walked into a room filled with boxes,   and quickly divided and conquered.  Came up with a "theme" and we were off and running.  The decorations were left over from five years ago when the 12 models were decorated for the Holidays.  We were able to collect enough in a color that fit the colors of the space!


 Could not have been able to do it without the help of the MEN!!  
MC had meetings all day and wasn't able to help!

Saved the day!!!

 Joan and Elaine were more than willing to help and have their picture taken!!!

Kelly, Yours Truly, Joan, Elaine Candy, Deb and Peter and Bruce
John, cleverly insisted on  taking the picture..he's camera shy.  He didn't know we captured a picture of him "working"
In an hour and a half the Sales Center looked like a Winter Wonderland.

Tomorrow the Holiday Tour of Homes at Sun City Peachtree starts off with a Dress Rehearsal of the Homes at 11:00 am.  This will give all our homeowners, craft people, and helpers an opportunity to see the homes.  In addition to 6 Homes we have a number of very talented residents selling their "wares" at the Sales Center.

Tomorrow night our Golf Club is having a Dinner Dance, which I am really looking forward to.  Yes, MC dances!!!

Then Sunday at 1:30 the 2012 Sun City Holiday Tour of Homes begins,.....
I will share lots of pictures next week.

 After the Tour, the Golf Club is holding a Cocktail Party .......a great way to sit, relax and enjoy conversations with all our friends!!!

See you all next week....

Monday, November 26, 2012

Annie, MC and I Have Performed Magic!

Well everyone......it's unbelievable, but between Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint, MC and Yours Truly we were able to  transform  the entire feel of our Master Bath!!!



AND THE WORK BEGINS..................


It was decided that I would do the wax portion of the project.  We do share the load every now and then.

 After "Playing" with the wax on the door fronts .....we quickly learned that the combination idea would not work.  Not consistent!   No two doors were the same!  I was able to "erase" most of the dark appearance using the clear  (a hint on Annie's instructions)   .....with a lot of elbow grease.  The entire product is so flexible. It's possible to change or correct the look as you go along!

The end result, after erasing, was perfect.  We left the "frame" sections with just the clear wax. Again a custom look.

When we finished it was SO APPARENT that the mirror's  gold frame HAD to match!!!!

Yesterday, MC painted it and I added the clear wax last night!!!

  The pictures really don't show how BEAUTIFUL THEY LOOK!!!!!

Thanks to Pam who writes Simple Details.....HERE  .....the Post titled Hutch Color !
This was our inspiration.

The magic product:
Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint


MC has already started the first coat of paint to the kitchen.  We are doing it in sections.  It will be a much longer process than the bath.  Will keep all of you posted as we go along this fun road!

We keep busy here ...at our Active Senior Community!!!!

OH...My Dear friend, Lisa Mende is running a great Giveaway......Go to her site ASAP and enter for some fantastic kitchen remodeling products..... to WIN!!!


Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
MC and I hope your day was the BEST one ever!

We had a quiet day....although we did a lot!

Please allow me to go back .......since Day 1 in the BLH I have  dreamed of different cabinetry!  The options available from the builder were  generic!  And....you know MC and me....we are not GENERIC.   We might be Geriatric.....but not generic!!!  There is a big difference!

Pam,  author of Simple Details,   here  has been writing about a piece she has been refinishing, a buffet with a hutch.  She has gone  back and forth toying with doing it all white....or a glossy black.  She asked her readers for their input.   I think the poor girl was overwhelmed with INPUT!

Then, on Monday she posted her REVEAL!  She did it using Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint
She chose French Linen as her color.  Oh, I fell in Love, IMMEDIATELY!!!  It is the perfect color!

I got to work, googling and researching!  I learned it was the ideal product for Cabinetry!!!!  IT'S IDEAL FOR EVERYTHING...ACTUALLY.   AND .....NO PREP..........AND BETTER YET............NO SANDING NECESSARY!  It can be applied IN PLACE!!!

Then I did further research and found it was sold  in a shop in Senoia!!!  Now how perfect is that?

On Tuesday MC and I were in Senoia before noon!  They were filming the last episode of The Walking Dead, which in itself, was extremely interesting!!!  The street was completely shut off and all the shop windows were covered with ply wood.  There were bombed out cars and war zone accents everywhere!  We were escorted to the shop by a TV "guy".  You couldn't walk around, you had to be escorted to the individual shops.  So much fun!  SADLY, NO PICTURES ALLOWED!   when we took out our camera, I thought we were going to become part of the Zombie's dinner!

  We talked with the shop owner who explained, even further, how great this product is!  It's really too good to be true.  I have read a number of my blogger friends talking about it, but I thought they were using a chalkboard paint!  Who knew?

We brought home  a lot of info.......and were back yesterday,  before NOON,  to purchase enough to do the Master Bath.  We felt we needed to "Practice"  
While we were out we thought, "What are we having for our dinner tomorrow?  It is Thanksgiving!"   Ended up buying a very small,  fresh turkey and headed home.

Early this morning, MC started to try this new stuff out.   It went on way too easy.  It looks way too great.....It's fantastic.  It's a total of  four steps!  Two coats of  paint....drying time 15 minutes.  Then you apply the  "wax" finish with a brush and wipe it off with a cloth.  Let it dry overnight, and apply a second coat of  wax!  That's it ....NO PREP.....NO SANDING!!!

As I took care of preparing the turkey, MC was refinishing our Master Bath.  It's now  6:00pm and he has finished the first 3 steps!  Tomorrow he will apply the second coat of wax.....and it will be finished!!!

As soon as the last detail is done ......I will show pictures of MC and the  Annie Sloan  Chalk Paint!

I have to brag and show my part of the day.  Now, for me this is strange!  I rarely cook!  But MC was doing the Bath for me and I wanted to do something for him.  He loves the old fashioned  Turkey Dinner my family fixed!  Luckily I remembered how to do it!  Only this was for two!   Not 22!

Not fancy, no planning involved, just opened the cabinets and pulled out what I thought would look OK.

I can't wait to show the REVEAL  of our Master Bath......We will be back to Senoia for two more cans of the paint......You know why......OF COURSE.....THE KITCHEN!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012


I didn't think I'd have any "material" for a post for days.....

That was,  until our mail came this afternoon.

My Ballard Design catalog was among the many bills and junk!  I made a cup of coffee,  and heated up  a "stowed away" Panera cinnamon roll.

(Explanation of stowed away Panera cinnamon roll ...... I love Panera Bread and their cinnamon rolls.  The nearest Panera's is an hour's drive.  When we go,  we bring home a few and freeze them for just the right time!)

 I was ready for some fun browsing.  As I glanced through all the Christmas decor and the usual items..

There it was ......my perfect thing------ ever........  a MIRRORED CHANDELIER!!!!!

This is too good.  My two passions ......Mirrors and Chandeliers....in one!!!

  Now,  I have no place for this baby, but I will find one .......after it goes on SALE!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012




Our Granddaughter, Tess, was flying in as an UNACCOMPANIED MINOR this afternoon.  MC and I went to pick her up.  

Steve, our Son, her Dad, warned us to give ourselves extra time.  We would have to get a special pass to go directly to the gate to meet the plane.

Well....what an experience.  I have never flown out of Atlanta's airport .....just have dropped off and picked up family and friends.... 

When we arrived, the parking was FULL!!  We had to find the Shuttle Parking Lot.  After two times around the entire place, MC finally found the correct road into the lot!   We found it almost full, a row along the outside fence was the last area to find a space!  We parked, locked up and found a line of people waiting for the Shuttle Bus.   

The drive was quick and we were at Delta's Terminal in no time.  We had to go to a "special" check in for our pass........THUS AVOIDING THE BELOW!!!  One good feature!

We showed our ID and gave the man at the counter all the info on Tess' flight.  We in turn received our Pass!  This, with our ID, would allow us to continue through!!!!


 Next the tram to C Terminal!   After disembarking, up the escalator and then the forever run to the Gate.  Of course the Gate was C42!   We had less than 5 minutes .......We ran, made it and you guessed.....the plane was 45 minutes late!  So back to the concessions and Starbucks for a quick cup of coffee and a muffin!!  I was starved!

Tess was escorted off the plane by a very good looking guy and MC had to sign for her, show his ID and she was finally with us!  Safe and Sound.

Her wish!  A Steak and baked potato dinner!   We had most of the day, wanted to avoid the traffic back to Griffin so up the road to Lenox and Prime for dinner was in order.

After a fabulous meal and lots of catching up we headed back home.

The Epiphany Suite is occupied tonight!!!

Steve is due any minute. 

MC and I are so excited to have them here.   We haven't seen them in a year. 

Monday, November 12, 2012


MC has been very creative these past weeks.  A NEW MC LITTLE PEOPLE ...

All the time MC was working  on his  "Library Cabinetry, Drapery Panels, Re-doing the Coffee Table. ...Every now and then.....
 I would find him relaxing at his workbench.  He was  creating his best and latest  "MC Little People"!

I am amazed at this one....it is by far My Favorite.....Yes, each time he finishes a new piece it automatically becomes my FAVORITE!!


I think this is the FAVORITE OF ALL!

He is so clever!  Notice all the holes in the wall!  This is exactly how things are done here.
 MC is an expert with Spackle!  

I like to tease that there are so many holes, the outside walls have natural ventilation!

BTW.......  The picture MC is trying to hang.......it's a picture of us the night of his Senior Prom, 1956!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012


No one knows how long we will be on this place we call, " Earth".....

 Last January MC and I decided   we would budget and  spend  what we could--enjoying things we enjoy......We don't travel, play golf or do a lot of shopping!  My wardrobe is not what it once was by any means!  Nordstrom and Chico's sure miss me!!!

MC is capable of creating 99% of my Epiphanies, but some he simply can't do.  So sometimes, YES,  we have to actually spend money!!!  I was told that no one cares to hear about buying furniture on  my blog. I thought....that's strange this is a blog about Interior Design and furniture is a large part of Interior Design!  No?  So having said that I will continue.....
Since last winter I have had a problem with trying to get comfortable sitting on our sofa to watch TV.   During the day, I'm fine!,   BUT... as soon as I snuggle up and get ready to watch a little TV,  an annoying pain sets in.  By the time I go to bed, it's very painful.  I wake up each morning, just fine,  and the day goes great....I faithfully do 45 minutes of daily exercise that the physical therapist prescribed,  plus THE PREVENTIVE CLEANING....  dusting, mopping, vacuuming! even the floors--- on hands and knees....NO PAIN....until I try and enjoy those 2 hours of TV at night!

I figured it must be the sofa,  and the manner in which I  sit to view the TV.  So I rearranged furniture...I'm really good at that!   I found that If I had the perfect, comfortable chair in the room, in just the right place, just maybe it would solve my problem.  I decided I needed a LOUNGE CHAIR!  Who knew?  MC has his Stressless chair, which I find terribly uncomfortable,  and we have two lovely slipper chairs....not ones to snuggle up in.

I have spent the last few  months sitting on different chairs in too many stores for me to even list.  I have also researched the internet for chairs, in  all styles and sources, you name it .....I have researched it! 

Last week MC and I had a few hours with absolutely nothing to do!!!!!  THIS IS DANGEROUS!!!  I said, " Honey,let's go to Senoia,  I have heard many great things about Hollberg, the local furniture store on Main Street!"
  We headed out and sure enough, found a great, comfortable chair.....we looked through all the fabrics and brought a swatch  home to "try" it out in the room!  It worked perfectly!  The next day we headed back to order the chair.

Now, what I haven't told you is that this place is unbelievable with their inventory, and in what they can custom order.  They can order you almost any brand that exists!

BUT THIS IS THE BEST PART !  I have been shopping sales, and all that goes with sales.  LOVE SALES...ONLY SHOP SALES!    I know the mark up on furniture is huge, like jewelry.   After looking....and sitting....  at all the big chains, and name companies, as Thomasville. Ethan Allen, Henredon, Lee Industries, Crate and Barrel, West Elm, etc.  I found that Hollberg could order a custom Sherrill chair and ottoman for LESS than any of them!  I have nothing against the rest, but Hollberg could beat their prices  on ALL pieces, even those  from Havertys!  (a favorite here for their fabulous pricing) AND... the delivery price was 1/2 of the Haverty delivery charge!  I tell you guys, try them out. YES... They have "prices" on their tags that will blow your mind....but that's not what YOU PAY!!  I was trying to explain this to some friends this weekend and I got looks like I was nuts!!!  No one believed me!

Back to the chair......

We found out that the frame had been discontinued!!!!! So there we were, so ecstatic and then back to square "0".   I looked around, sat some more and decided on another style ....and we placed our second order. After we were home,   I was researching  it for a post and  discovered  it was not at all what I wanted.  We literally"flew" back to Senoia.....and cancelled it!   .... and found......Order #3,..... THE MOST PERFECT CHAIR IN THE WORLD!!!!  It's funny how things work out!  The associates could not have been more helpful with all the changes, etc.  A lot of bookwork that they were so kind about!

I have to wait until mid January......but it will be worth it.

The fabric we chose is a heavily textured white with metallic threads.  Yummy!!!

HERE  is the chair

HERE is the ottoman.......we only ordered one!

It will be January before I know it....right?

OH...OH....While I have been writing this MC has  INSTALLED OUR NEW AT&T MODEM!!   It came this afternoon via UPS...  IT WORKS!!!!   HE'S NOW MASTER COMPUTER MODEM MAN!!!


WOW.....The Direct TV Guy showed up exactly when he was scheduled......ON TIME!

He was able to keep our internet up and running by adding a new line!  Super nice guy!

 I was so sure it was going to look like this.....

So relieved! 
It's about the same size as the dead Mum!





 I can't help but think!  Are we not going BACK TO THE FUTURE?