Tuesday, June 12, 2012



GREAT BUY..$4.25..... AND SO SO   "in"!

How simple!  Bring it home.... MC would spray it gold!  Then hang it!

Well.......maybe .....not that easy!

With a little hesitation,  I told MC where I wanted it hung!  I'm sure not where he expected!  He looked at me like I was nuts!  He knew this was going to call upon his very clever McGiver talents. But he was up for the challenge!

He quickly proceeded to spray paint it gold.  It looked great!  After it dried,  he brought it into the  house to study how he could hang the fastener on the back,  to the mirror tiles.  He went back in the garage and "reformed" a picture hook.....  brought it in,  and taped it to the center of the mirrors.  Clever, so clever!

Now this is where it goes downhill.  As he was  fastening the mirror to the newly taped hook,  the backing of the entire piece, fastener and all,  fell into his hands.

 No problem... This is MC.......he could easily make a new backing.....

Back to the garage!  The next thing I heard were loud "words" I have never heard from my MC..  I ran into the garage and his face told the story.  He broke the Mirror!!!!!!

Plan B

 Hang the frame (without the mirror)   over the mirror tiles!  Too simply...
 He held it up and it looked like a frame over four broken mirrors!
Go to......

Plan C

In his stock of supplies from previous projects,  were left over mirror tiles.  He was able to cut one to fit the back of the frame.  Perfect!
Now.....all he had to do was glue the new mirror piece to the frame and glue the fastener to the "new" mirror.  This he did and we waited for the "glue" to set.

After dinner he brought in his masterpiece and hung it on the hook that was taped to the mirror tiles....


Yes, Yes, the entire piece fell to the floor.  The tape gave out!!!!
This time the mirror didn't break.....this time THE FRAME broke!

Now this whole thing was going to the dogs!!! Way too much work and stress for a silly $4.25 project!!

But MC, being MC was not going to be defeated!  He glued some of the obvious pieces of the broken frame and decided the rest wouldn't be noticed.  He sprayed it with the gold paint, again..... and again,  we waited for it to dry.

We decided to marinate this project and think how to fasten it to the mirror tiles ...after a good nights rest!

With all the confidence in the world, a few hours ago, MC announced that he figured it out!

He would use velcro!
He did.... and it was hung.  I quickly took a few pictures.......thinking I'd at least have a picture, before it fell to the floor once more.

It has been over an hour.........and it's still up there.

 The Reveal!!




By the way, have you noticed all the great additions I have been adding to the right side of the blog? Wonderful, wonderful websites with insurmountable ideas. Also,  I have added great blogs I have found.  Whenever a blogger writes a new post, the blog moves to the top of the list.  I am learning so much about this "tool" and I'm having a ball!  Let's see what I can do to make this interesting..........


  1. Good Lord.....you are right! So many steps with that thing. How lucky to have a husband who doesn't give up:). I love where it ended up by the way....

  2. The Drama !Quick thinking and nice results.

  3. Now that's what I call a patient man. He's definitely a keeper.

    I think it adds just the right touch of interest to the mirror wall.

  4. Naz...He is Definitely a KEEPER.....HAS BEEN FOR 53 YEARS!!!
    Love your comments.

  5. Because I'm a stickler for details I measured my sun and it's just barely 6" in diameter. Oops, my mistake.

    I love that you and MC have been married for so long and still do projects together. It reminds me of my husband and myself (almost 40years for us).


  6. Naz
    Our "sun" is approx. 11 inches.
    It gets better after 40!!!... Have to keep your sense of humor.

  7. A keeper for sure. Love a man that will patiently work on a project just for you...it looks wonderful!!