Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This morning while I was attempting to make this old gal look good for a lunch date  with some of the "girls"......We think we're still Girls!......   I had an EPIPHANY!!!  Imagine that!  It was after 10 am and instead of getting in the shower I'm moving furniture!

It's all because of  the Visitor Path feature of this blog.  I check it hourly.....remember I'm retired!  I noticed yesterday that a visitor was directed to my blog through Google when they searched for Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams'  Too Sexy Sadie chair!  I have one of these delicious little treasures. When we lived  in Charlotte we visited their outlet shop in Hickory way too many times!!!.  On one of these trips there she was!  Have no idea why, but it was $115!!!!  Now she was in the back seat of our car in minutes.  No one else was getting her.   I sat on it until a sales person approached and wrote the paper work!   I LOVE the chair!  It has served me very well, as a desk, side, you name it "chair"......she has had many lives!

When I saw the other Google sites for this piece,  of course I clicked.  I have discovered I am addicted to going deeper and deeper into searches, until I realize hours have disappeared!   And...the reason for the original purpose for my search is long forgotten.   When this one appeared I must have subconsciously stored it in that special "must remember this" section of my little brain!  It took 24 hours for it to hit me!  But it did at 10 this morning.  I'm not sure if it was the suggested price or the fact they still have this jewel in their catalog that most impressed me?  I would guess the price!

Up until this morning Too Sexy Sadie was in the guest room, AKA The Epiphany Suite.  Purpose: A desk  or make-up chair.   Well, not any longer.. this Sadie was moving up front!  She is now proudly in our somewhat "foyer" having the status she deserves.


Get your groove on with this “Too Sexy Sadie” pull-up chair from Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams. Featuring a sleek oval back with curved, tapered legs and double-welt trim around the spoon-shaped back, the chair’s seat is comfortably sized with a 19-inch depth and a 20-inch high back. Average price ➤ $1,200 (depending on fabric chosen). Bloomingdale’s in White Plains

My Too Sexy Sadie chair in our foyer!

and....a chair from the terrace has replaced "her" in the Epiphany Suite

Oh, I made it for lunch on time!!!!  No one was surprised at my morning's work.  They just shook their heads and said:"That's Patty!"