Monday, August 20, 2012


I hate to admit it, but I think we really  are!  CRAZY
Two complete nuts who are going on 74 and 72 doing this!!!!!

Before the wall unit can be built and installed, the existing IKEA,  Bonde cabinets need to be moved into the Master Bedroom closet.

Easy!  Well not really...

We unloaded one...put the stuff in the Senoia chest.  That was smart.  It may stay there.

We  had to unload the clothes from the hanging shelves in the closet.  We are doing one side at a time. Side one today and side two tomorrow..   Some sanity there!  Some of the things from closet in temporary "quarters"!

  The racks had to be made smaller to make room for the cabinets.   MC realized his saw blade didn't do the job...oh gee....he had to go to Lowes for a new one!!!

Next step.

PUSH CART .....move the emptied  IKEA Bonde cabinet into the closet.  That was easy.

We are putting the two Bonde cabinets from the Library on TOP of four that are already in there.  Two on top of  two!. But, before we put the ones from the Library on top of the four that are there,  we have to remove a vertical one (that is positioned horizontally). It's the one with the two blue side panels.  Check picture below.   We will be positioning it in a different spot in the closet,  vertically!  Are you following me?

We tugged and tugged and somehow, I really don't know how,  got it down.  It ended up standing on the floor perfectly!  PURE LUCK!    We then slid it into it's new location. 

Enter the Bonde cabinet from the Library.  Somehow, we would "hoist" it up,  onto the two existing ones.  We finally figured out that the black marble pedestal that was a "table" would be the perfect height (on it's side).  We moved the pedestal into the closet.  With all the strength we could dig up, we got one end of the cabinet on the top of the pedestal and the other end leaning on the existing cabinets.  I pushed, MC guided while on a 6 foot ladder!!!!
MC ended up standing on the cabinets to position the cabinet up on it's right side.

I wish I had a shot of our getting one end of the cabinet on to the pedestal and the other leaning on the cabinets...  but we didn't have any "free" hands !!! 


MC rehung the racks and the shirts were back!

I like the chair, glass console,  and floor lamp better without the marble "Hoist Table"!

Don't think I need that "weight" after all?

Part 2


  1. Ya'll are so cute! I love it! Especially MC standing on that cabinet! Love it! Will you come to my house and rearrange?

  2. Lisa, We just do it! What can I say.
    Most "sane" people would hire a Closet Company and a Pro Carpenter for the wall unti...Not us... We are the DIY Days.

  3. Oh my........ But not surprising!!!

  4. That picture of MC scrunched in the cabinets is priceless!

  5. Who needs to see the circus...just watch you two!! Be careful on part 2.

  6. What's in the water down there....:)

  7. Patti, MC is a real trooper! I think you two make the perfect combination, what a force to be reckoned with!!!
    Your plan came together perfectly and I like the repurposing!!
    Happy Tuesday,
    xo Kathysue

    PS I did a post on DIYing today, I am sure you will love a couple of the ideas. Just one more thing to spin in your creative brain!