Friday, August 10, 2012


I have completed this Week's redo!  Probably will change more as time goes by.  Something new appears in the Bucket List House and all things turn upside down.

I read the advice and design hints and did my best to pull off a good design.  My biggest problem is I can't purchase new items.  I have to use what I have!  Did some digging and found a few things that have been in the back of cabinets.  Forgot about some!  Now they are "like" new.  The changes are  subtle, very subtle!

I kept the "Family"!  Tried to work them into the design a little better. A framed family picture is a Framed Family Picture!!!  Just one picture of each, but I think everyone is included. There are eight framed pictures worked into the "design".   You might find it hard to see everyone, but believe me YOU are there!!   Not all pictures are up to date.  Most have AGED!

Shape, color, texture ......I tried to keep all in mind.  Wanted so to do that trick with arranging the books backwards, but it made it impossible to find a book!!!  MC didn't go for that!!!!  Can't imagine why?  It's simply one of those ideas  "husbands" say "go over the top" !!!  Wasn't worth the hassle!

You will notice a few omissions!!!!

The Irony of the ENTIRE process!!!!


The whole idea was created when  the LAMP was added!  Remember, the shade blocked  the clock, which has now been  long gone, which left the blank space, which  was the reason for the wall unit!  Do you think  we go in circles around here???

 Actually the lamp was  blocking the pictures I added to the window frames...much better now.
Trial and Error....A lot of that around here.

The area rugs have moved.  That Flokati rug that was originally bought for the foyer has been everywhere.  I do love it, but it's impossible to find just the right spot for it.  It  was under my new "desk" for a few days, and then in the work area of the kitchen.  That lasted ONE  day.  One breakfast consisting of bagels with "everything" did that in!  Seeds and who knows what,  lost in the silly thing.  We were shaking and shaking "Flokati" upside down for 15+  minutes.......

 Neighbors came to visit earlier in the week when "Flokati" was in the work area.  Pat, please let your Daughter know that the Flokati rug is now in the Master Bedroom!!!  Oh I hope it works in there.  I'm running out of places to put it! 

Entire room was instantly changed when that entered the space! 

Of course, it left a "bare" spot in the kitchen!  Had to order another rug!  What did I do before all these area rugs?????

This time, with another neighbor's coupon, ( Hey, 15% is 15% --- covered the shipping!)  we ordered an  indoor/outdoor sisal rug from Ballard Design.  It's a Suzanne Kasler design.  Black with a white Quatrefoil border!  .. and it can be vacuumed!   Did you ever try and vacuum a Flokati rug???

 Did a little redo in the wall units in the Great Room.  I really had to "dig" to find treasures that would "fit" the criteria!!  Watched the shapes, colors, textures.  I tried ....

The next shots are Bonus Shots!  They came to be due to the changes in the Master Bedroom...

 Hope Chest moved to Foyer
(was in Dining room)

Credenza moved to Dining Room
(was in Master Bedroom)

 I've been "playing" with my crystal and brass Candle Sticks!

Hope I passed the Shelf Test.  If not, please don't tell me this week.  I don't  feel like doing it over again, at least for a week!!


  1. The styling looks fabulous! Love all the new additions. You did a great job mixing colors, shapes and textures.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  2. The look wonderful Patty! And I have to say that MC must have the patience of a Saint. To be moving all of that stuff around....would send my husband in orbit. He is "long over" me and my changes.....:)

  3. Sherry, we've long said that about MC/Grandpa!!! Nothing ever stays the same!!!

  4. Er lady, that is one fabulous house! Loving everything but especially that foyer light, living room chairs and that chest that found a home in the entryway. loves!