Tuesday, August 21, 2012


 but not before

Last night, I had a very realistic EPIPHANY!   I realized that we were totally insane yesterday.     BUT... we are not STUPID!
 I also realized that we were very, very LUCKY we didn't end up in the hospital or worse....DEAD!

I remembered the first time these Bonde IKEA cabinets had been stacked three high.....movers had done it!
That piece of memory completely slipped both of our minds!  

SO, last night I asked MC if he would MIND NOT PUTTING THE SECOND ONE UP!  Did you catch that little bit of cleverness.......  I asked him if he.... MINDED!!!!

I don't have to tell you the  relief that came over his entire BODY!

Even better.....I said I thought the cabinet would be a great asset to his Garage Work Shop... Mess!  Maybe a few of his "treasures" could be hidden behind the cabinet doors.....thus being less of an eyesore for our neighbors.   Some of the  Bloggers today  have been posting great ideas for being ORGANIZED.  I am organized, too organized....BUT MC....That's a different STORY.  I have FORWARDED all these Blog Posts to him!!!!!!!

SO ......PLAN C !

Using push cart to move Cabinet 2 to the gargage

So, So Easy!

 Setting it in place in garage

 What a Great Spot.....and under the sunburst thermometer MC built last summer

These are the last photo's of MC's Library....

MC has started working on the Base for the new wall unit.  As I work on this post, he is busy, busy building!


And finally 
The Master Bedroom Closet

Oh, I had a "Mini" Epiphany this morning.....I think I'm going to Rub n Buff the iron base of the glass console a dark bronze,  or maybe black.  It started out Silver, went Gold, then Silver was added.over the Gold.    It should be quite UNIQUE and a One Of A Kind, by the time I finish!


  1. I am so glad you decided not to go for that third level! I was telling my sister last night about MC standing on that cabinet. Smart cookie! Send me the blogs on organization that you liked too. MC and are hanging together on this one!

  2. Patty it sounds like you guys dodged a bullet by not installing that 3rd level. You are making progress! MC likes his clocks and thermometers BIG, huh? :)

  3. So glad everybody is okay...your closet looks amazing, and I am so needing your organization over here!!

  4. I've been out of the loop for a few days and just got caught up in the Adventures of Patty & MC. You folks sure are busy but please just be careful.

  5. You sound like a very wise lady and keeping it safe was the smart thing to do. You two are just busy little beavers!! Love seeing all the progress,

  6. Can you loan us MC? I mean, is there a task that man won't do for you lady? Loves him!