Friday, August 31, 2012

Deja Vu

This probably isn't the best time to Post.  Most are on a three day weekend or traveling to one.  But maybe there are a few, who are sitting back with nothing new to read.....Maybe?

The other day I was reading my new morning "newspapers"  Those being all the posts of my new blog friends!  Let me add this is taking more and more time each day!  My reading list grows daily, like grass.
It's interfering with my Preventive Cleaning Routine!

Soooo... Tuesday morning I decided to look up a couple of new sites.  I was planning on going to the Expose' on Wednesday and decided I'd "read up" on the Panel.  I know Sherry, but I didn't know that much about Lisa or Lori.

I found out that Lisa is the Atlanta Editor for Better Homes and Gardens and Traditional Homes.  She was so gracious when she saw my name tag.  She said, "Patty, I know you, you did the piece on Melanie". 
Amazing!  That can make your day!

I read that Lori has a wonderful,  successful design business, she even WON a HGTV Design War!
Her post on Tuesday was about cleaning up clutter and accessories.  That is something I am passionate about and I was really enjoying this post.  About half way down, she had a photo of a room, from another Designer, that hit me in the face.  I couldn't believe what I saw!  There was a to die for console table with gold accessories.  BUT THOSE ACCESSORIES...........OMG...Were my eyes seeing things????
There on the Blog was a picture with OUR THREE DANCING ASIAN GIRLS! Only they were gold and ours were a brass green..

Back in our previous life, when MC was an USAF Navigator he flew all over Asia.  It was during the Sixties...as in  the 1960's!   I know most of you weren't even born!  The "Wives" were left at home while our Fly Boys traveled the world.  Jealous, are you kidding??   We were left to  care for screaming babies, diapers and many, many trips to the Base Hospital with "emergencies" from high fevers to cuts and gashes!!!  It was the  period of my life that created the "Control Freak" I am today!

In return for our "Suffering" back home we gave our husbands LISTS of items that they were to bring back.  Depending on the Country they flew into they had items they dare not come home,    without!  We had Lists for each Country!  Needless to say that not only did most of us live in Base Housing....each exactly generically identical, but we also all had the SAME decor, (well-- stuff)!. Our lists were all the same!  If a husband found something new and different, it didn't take long before it was added to our lists!

Most of these treasures today are scattered among our children.....the irony of this..our youngest son Steve, has many pieces,...pillow table, Asian folding screen and a brass tray on legs,(our coffee table for many years), just to name a few.  He also has our ORIGINAL green elephants.  The irony.....he's living in Seoul, Korea and his company crated all these things BACK TO ASIA!

OK I rambled a little.....
Here's the Pictures that hit me!

Designed by Tobi Fairley

NOW LOOK DOWN AT THE PICTURE BELOW.....look at the top left shelf!!!!

 There they are!!!!!

While we're here I want to BRAG!!!!
The wall unit......THAT IS THE FIRST PIECE MC EVER MADE!!!!   
circa 1969

Also you can see my wonderful "design" bookshelf displaying in it's early stages.  This picture is priceless.  Look at the furnishings ....  orange shag rug, Danish Chair....Oh that lamp was from Japan. That is long, long gone!   There are no words to add.


  1. Hilarious. Yes, I could shoot myself for the things I got rid of when the decades changed. I grew up with orange shag carpet and danish chairs and asian accents from my dad who was in Korea when I was born. I used to wear the asian clothing he brought back from his travels..little silk jackets and wooden sandals. I used to wear my hair in pigtail braids to look more like an asian child.. I guess it was so trendy then, since all of us had dads, brothers or husbands who were in the war..
    very good post, Patty.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Love the three asian dancing girls figurines, very beautiful and unique. You had excellent taste even back then. By the way, the wall unit looks fabulous. Did you still have those? The design has very classic lines and I bet it will still look wonderful today. Tell MC he did a great job with the wall unit!

    Great post, Patty!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  3. I don't have the Asian Girls....good luck finding them.

  4. Patty You are amazing!!! I love this! MC started out with big stuff! Those bookshelves are amazing! I love the asian women!

  5. I just want to point out that the Danish modern chair, except in turquoise was in my parents living room circa 1959. I think it fell apart because of the brutal use my 2 younger brothers and I put it thru. How I now love mid century modern for the happy memories it brings back to me.

  6. If you find them, I would say DON'T PAINT THEM! Keep them as they were and find a place to use them! Not only would that be more challenging, but you would preserve their individuality! What are they made of???

  7. Erica, I just wonder where they went? I think you are correct. They should remain their original finish. They are made out of a very heavy metal...not sure what

  8. MC has been making furniture since 1969? What a trooper that MC!! Love the 3 dancing girls. Patty, I don't see the horse you mentioned?? Will look again.

  9. Loi, I have looked very carefully, and you're right, no horse. In the fuzzy old picture, with my fuzzy old eyes, I thought our old gold horse was on the table with the lamp...it's not!

  10. That's amazing! I'd be really flattered! That wall unit is really pretty. That would have been so tough having your husband gone so much. I would definitely have sent mine out with a list of things he needed to get me too!

  11. Wow, Patty, now you need to find those figurines - why is it you can never find things like this - love the wall unit - talented husband you have!! Hope you've had a great weekend ~

  12. What treasures! I'm sure you have some amazing pieces hidden away!

  13. Wait! You are not going to believe this...I saw those on CL and told a friend of mine to get them. They were in her area...I don't think she did. I guess she could not see past the finish. I love them, and the story.

  14. Isn't it funny how things come around. My mum has an original pair of turquoise Foo Dogs that I for years thought were really strange and couldn't understand why she kept them, of course now I keep trying to pinch them off her.

  15. I love this ... And way to go to MC ... he does CURVES! That is a rock star carpenter in my book! Isn't it fun to go back ... I grew up with this look!! xo

  16. Gosh....that room from 1960 is in style today!!! Love the chair and lamp :)
    And....those dancing girls....well I understand...we can't keep everything!