Thursday, August 9, 2012



Tonight,  MC  and I enjoyed a wonderful evening with  great  neighbors.   Pasta, salad, Italian bread and wine....Perfecto.   We love our little sub- community.  We live in a large DelWebb SunCity Community but it is broken up into "neighborhoods".  I am sure we have the best one! No...  I KNOW WE HAVE THE BEST ONE!  We call ourselves Dolcetto!  Named after the Dolcetto grape from Italy.  A lovely table, everyday, red wine is made from this little gem.  When new neighbors move in we welcome them with a basket of  sweets and a bottle of our Dolcetto wine.  They are then OFFICIAL DOLCETTO-ANS!!! We might be over 55, but we have fun!

I was checking my favorite "reads" after coming home and getting comfy.   Design Chic has a gorgeous Post on Transom windows!

They are beautiful!!

It just happens that two days ago MC created transom windows here in the Bucket List House!  We had two areas screaming to be made into Transom Windows, only it was not feasible to do so.   I have been staring at these spaces for over a year trying to figure out how to accomplish it. 

 Those blocks of white paint scream

 I always go back to the same product.....MIRROR TILES...
I know they are from the 70's, but I have found so many great applications for them.

Look what they did to those blocks of white paint. 

 I just mentioned my idea to MC...  Immediately, he was in the car and on his way to Lowes.  He added thin strips of wood to mimic the "lights" windows around the front door.  The entire project done Monday afternoon!  This guy might get us  lost driving around, but he can sure create my Epiphanies!!!

Yesterday, I read another of my favorite Blogs, Design Indulgence 


Sherry posted pictures of the book shelves she has in her room for the ORC.  So many great  arranging suggestions. 

I looked at my new "arranged" shelves and I didn't fit all of the guidelines that Sherry suggested.    So I am working at doing it over .....again....!  I'm also working on the built-in shelving units around the fireplace.  Again, trying to apply Sherry's wonderful hints.  I can't shop for new items, but I have gone through all my "warehouse" stashes and have brought out some old Treasures.
When I think I have it right, I'll share.....  I think I can get it right  this time?  I think????
Please no grading.....


  1. Nicely done!!! You are a great team!

  2. Patty, I have wanted to do this down my hall above the bedroom doors to add some deminsion to the 29ft long hallway. It is still in my radar. So fun to see yours all done up so nicely. As soon as I saw the beginning of the post I was going to suggest exactly what you did. MC is a clever fellow and you are one creative lady, great team work!!
    xo Kathysue

  3. Whoa! This has to be one of my favorite uses for the mirrored tiles!

  4. Sometimes your brain does good work!!! That was a brilliant idea and way to go MC......!

  5. Looks fabulous! What a clever idea! You guys made a great team!

    P/S: Thanks for your lovely comments on my master bedroom. I know many people won't reveal little secrets about their room makeovers on their blog but I am all about keeping it real. Hope you enjoy reading them! :)

    Have a good day, Patty!


  6. Patty! Amazing. I think it really looks like windows!

  7. Fantastic Patty! I was going to suggest mirrors, then I scrolled down and you did it! looks great.

  8. HI Patty! I spot your comments on the same blogs that I'm on! (Think ORC, ha) and I wanted to stop in and say hi! I think this transom solution is just ingenious! It really transforms the look of these doorways! Great job!

  9. Heather, It's great meeting you! So glad you found me. Will drop in to Vivid Hue Home in a minute..