Thursday, August 2, 2012


MC and I went  off the Reservation!  We had an Adventure! 

We were headed, to Forsyth, a small town about 25 miles South.
 A neighbor had told us about this fabulous place where she bought draperies and a great chair.  This business buys  items from High End hotels------and   a lot from  not so High End Hotels, when they are liquidating.  The neighbor's finds were beautiful and cheap!!  I really had high hopes we would find drapes for MC's Library and who knows what other goodies!  Had dreams of sugar plums bouncing all over.....

 MC decided to take Rt. 41 instead of I-75.    Thought it would be more enjoyable.....
  I knew we were in trouble when  I realized we had been driving for over an hour and the town didn't seem to be anywhere!    MC then realized.... we were no longer on Rt. 41!!  He had no idea where we were!

 I must stop the story here...... A little secret about MC.  He's  a great guy, I love him Dearly----   He has Groupies.......He's a MASTER  Carpenter, Chef, Craftsman, Cameraman, Chauffeur..  BUT HE CAN NEVER FIND HIS WAY WHEN TRAVELING BY CAR!    I say this because he was a Navigator in the Air Force for almost 15 years and "Navigated" large cargo planes, C-124's and C-141's.         But  on the ground....He can't find diddly squat!  We  always get  lost!!!

He has a GPS, but fails to use it,  or bothers to get it updated!  When we bought our new (used)  car,  he was delighted it didn't come with the Navigation System....  Go figure?

It was fortunate that my semi-smart phone has a navigation app.  I think that's what it's called!  Anyway,  I figured out how to turn it on, after fumbling with the silly thing, and discovered we were 20 miles  Southwest of where we wanted to be!!!!!

While finding our way back to  I-75, he gave up on Rt. 41, we witnessed the strangest event either of us has EVER seen!  On the left side of the road was a Sheriff's car.  The Sheriff was standing, facing the woods down  into a gully,  his hand was on his gun,  and he was in the "I'm ready to shoot you" position and  then  POW..... off it went. WOW...we couldn't believe what we were seeing!!   I do not think I have ever seen someone actually shoot something ...live!  It was surreal!  We have no idea what or WHO he shot!  Maybe there will be a story on the news about a Sheriff shooting some really bad guy on a country road?  At least he didn't make a 180 and shoot at us!!!

Just a little diversion on our travels to this wonderful, good deal place!!!! We reached the "city" limits of Forsyth and   MC drove around in circles looking for the address of this place.  Then we saw it....OMG it was the huge building we have driven by hundreds of times when traveling South on I-75.  Large signage, very clearly saying it was a LIQUIDATION WAREHOUSE.  I have never on any of our previous trips thought I would  go near this place.  Now, my visions of sugar plums had turned to bed bugs and dust mites!!!   But we had traveled for so long, we decided to give the place a try.  What did we have to loose?

Overall, I would give it a B-.  I am not that much of a visionary, but lots of you are great at seeing hidden treasures!   Took lots of pictures and you all can  judge for yourselves.   I could see some chairs that might be salvageable  and  spray paint would do wonders for everything in the building!  There were pictures that were worth the frames alone, and mirrors all over.  Lamps... I have never seen so many matching lamps in my life!  Some only $10!  Great finds.  Again, spray paint!!!  The High End pieces were marked as such and priced accordingly! 


 a bad, bad pink!

 too green--very green

 Need a lamp?

 Great cocktail table..I think it was $200....  Probably a good deal I let go by!

 Another $200 item that stayed!
I got my "pot head" at Tuesday Morning for $22.

 This was a good deal. 6 pieces for $159. Some new fabric and spray paint and it would look like  a million!

 Not bad for $29 

 Just needs love!

 Any  love leftover for these?

I have no idea what you would do with these relief pieces, but there were many of all different sizes and subjects!

 This is one huge floor mirror....couldn't find a price tag anywhere.....That triangle is not part of the mirror. It's a TV cabinet...see below!

Need a TV cabinet?....it's  from Caesars!

Don't think I need it for that

 I have no idea where this came from?  It was a  very old needlepoint settee.

I saved the best for last....12 seats--no waiting!

We ended the day driving a little further down the interstate to a Panera's!   Coffee and cinnamon roll!
Perfect!  I was in Heaven.

Made it home safe and sound.......



  1. I stayed at Caesar's Palace in Atlantic City 10 years ago but nothing here is familiar to me. Then again it's doubtful that I'd remember anything from there anyway. Maybe it's me but I thought some of those items were priced pretty high. Then there is the bed bug issue lol. I'm probably just being paranoid.

    At least you ended the outing with a nice treat at Panera's. :)

  2. A lot of the pieces could be refurbished and would look great! Repainted, reupholstered, updated a bit....prices are awesome.
    Thanks for sharing your adventure! You and MC have too much fun.

  3. Think I'd like to give it a look! I love a bargain. Enjoyed your "outing".

  4. What an adventure! Glad you made it home safe and sound.
    They have tons of stuff for sure.. Love to hear of your adventures...have a great weekend Patty!

  5. So fun to follow along with you on your adventures!!! Happy weekend,

  6. This is so funny Patty!! I am sitting in the Cumming, GA starbucks as I am reading this ... my parents live here!! I am spending a few days with them ... perhaps I'll scout this joint out!! xo

  7. Wish I could go and scoop up that brass and glass cocktail table- great piece!

  8. What a cool place!! Sounds like a fun day.

  9. Oh gosh...that looks like my kind of place...I might need to get over there!!!!! Thanks for the tip:)

  10. Looks like a fun day for both of you! I already see a few things I like. The headboard with curves and those gold picture frames are fabulous! I would definitely give this store a visit if I was living in the area.

    Thanks for sharing! :)