Wednesday, August 29, 2012



About a month ago, Sherry Hart put the above notice on Facebook.  Now, I thought, "I'd like this"
I called the Gallery and spoke to a lovely girl.  She said that I could attend!!!!  I didn't have to be a REAL Designer!!!!  My PASSION was enough to get me in the door!!!

MC and I planned on an afternoon OFF THE RESERVATION.  The Gallery is a good hour and a half drive, so we left around 10 .....never know about that I-75 traffic!  You know how us "old" people always give ourselves plenty of extra time! :)

The Gallery is in  a lovely location in the  Historic area of Marietta Square.  We walked around, taking in all the shops .....we were early!
 MC cased out where he would spend his time while I was at the seminar.  I can't tell you the number of restaurants that were there. ........more on that square than in Spalding County!!

Three extremely successful women spoke.  Their stories of success motivated everyone in the room!!! Please read all about Lisa Mowry, Lori May and Sherry Hart.  

Lisa Mowry

Sherry Hart

Lori May

One interesting fact!.....Both Lori and Sherry have found Blogging to be a very important part of their

that's me! black flats
pink and black dress
above photo from DKGallery facebook page

The Vineyard Cafe
http://www.thevineyardcafe.com/     served a delicious lunch.  Yes, I did eat!!!!! 


A Great Group of Gals...
in Attendance

Alison Womack Jowers..
I loved her design of the Family Dining Room in the Atlanta Symphony Show House.  
Actually my favorite room!!!

Lori and Sherry
 Sherry----oops I got a bad shot....sorry

Susan Jeffery Lepper, Designer....Jeff you were a joy to meet!
Holly Irwin, Artist

I met so many great gals.....Designers, Bloggers and Editors and Artists.  I had a wonderful time! 

 Now I must tell you that MC had a wonderful time.  He had lunch at the Starlight Restaurant .  I want to think he choose that particular one because when we had walked by it earlier  music coming over a speaker 
 at the doorway was....


He then did one of his favorite things....He went to a great Museum.  This one,  The Marietta Museum of History.
I love it when he can go to museums by himself...I have to admit. I don't have the patience to read every word of every sign.....HE DOES, and he loves doing it...without me!

Of course, MC found a choice of three, yes, THREE Panera Breads for us to go to!!!!
 I don't go anywhere near a Panera  Bread, without getting a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll.
   Yes, I ate again!!
We also brought home a dozen bagels.  You have to understand, we must take advantage of civilization when we leave the Reservation....

We have none, 0, NIL, Panera Breads anywhere near us in SunCity Peachtree.  Are you listening Franchisees    ......WE WANT A PANERA BREAD!!!

I had spent the afternoon surrounded by the most talented people in the Atlanta area and then we drove by this....



  1. Oh Patty what a fun day, I love Sherry and Lori and woould love to hear them speak. I am sure Sherry kept everyone in stitches. She is a love, xo Kathysue

  2. Seems like youve found a group of creative and fun ladies!

  3. It was such a joy to meet you today Patty! You make sure that you call me the next time you leave the "reservation". We'll have lunch!

  4. Sounds like you had a great day!

  5. Oh how fun Patty!!! How jealous I am ... what a fun day off the reservation for you and MC!!! xo

  6. Neat! I am so jealous that I don't live near there and didn't get to attend. What talented ladies. I'd love to hear them speak.

  7. What a great day! Lucky you! I know it was great to be around all those like-minded women. Glad you were able to make it and report back to those of us that didn't. Sounded wonderful.

  8. It sounded like a fun time had by all....including MC. I think it's wonderful how you ventured off the reservation (how I laugh at that term) and kicked up your heels (or lack of them with flats lol) with the talented blog ladies. Of course you yourself are one talented blogger as well.

  9. OMG Ms. Patty! So glad you got to hang out with MC and some fun/talented ladies (especially the amazing Sherry Hart). Look how blogging is changing all our lives. p.s. glad you enjoyed this morning's post about Brooklyn. I knew we were kindred spirits!Love that place and miss it a lot - minus the weather of course! Have a great weekend with MC.