Tuesday, March 1, 2011



I have been promised that the built-ins will be finished by March 10th!!!
We are expecting two dear visitors on Thursday, the 10th, my Brother Henry (Happy) and my Sister in Law, Pat. It will be their first visit here. I added a few other projects to the "Please Finish By" list. MC has assured me all will be ready for the Reveal in time!!!

We received permission from "The Committee" to plant four, 7 1/2 foot, Magnolia trees in the back yard. For those who haven't seen our property, we are on the top of a hill. The vista is great....views of the golf course etc. We will have the trees planted so they will not block the view, but will give us a "sense" of privacy. This Friday is the big day!!

I ordered a book written by Jan Showers, "Glamorous Rooms". It's FABULOUS!!!! I was able to get the book for almost nothing because Dear, Dear Niece Claire ordered something from One Kings Lane and mentioned I referred her to the site. I received a $25 credit!!!!

Since reading the script and drooling over the photos, I have been moving and rearranging everything! She has a wonderful approach to design! Her projects are gorgeous. I was stunned, when on page 43, there was my mirrored round accent table!!!! I went wild! I immediately worked on placing mine in an arrangement similar to how she used it. She has it with a sofa and chair as a small intimate coffee table!!! Never would have thought to use it that way and it works!!!!! Love it!

A basic part of her philosophy to achieve a Glamorous Room by paying attention to details! She was influenced by Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to name a few. Jan defines Glamour as what Glamour is not!!! It is not shiny satin and fox wraps, not a fad or over the top. She feels Glamour is depicted, if you can picture, the strength of Katherine Hepburn in a black turtleneck, black pants and a red scarf thrown around her neck, or better yet, the exquisite look of Audrey Hepburn in Capri pants, ballet shoes, with a white blouse. Get the idea!
She tells us, the reader, to never forget that comfort most be the top concern. Rooms should not only look inviting they should encourage guests to" linger".

This is not easy. It might appear to be, but think about it. Something elegant, but simple, is not as basic as 1 2 3. A lot of planning goes into every detail, and care needs to be taken in the entire space!

As I read deeper I hope to gain more from her. I feel I have learned so much and I am only half way through my first glance!

Stay tuned....Who knows what I will be doing by the time I get to the back cover.........

PS.....Update on my last post...
Adams' Pink Chair ....it's a rocker!!! What a surprise that was, and I failed to make note of it!!!


  1. I'd love to see pics of her use of the table, and then yours! What a way to show the difference between being INSPIRED and simply copying or mimicking! Real designers are able to appreciate the good in others' work, and then create their own, or if they are "lucky," take the idea a step further :)

    And yes... A rocker indeed!

  2. Erica, I will have to ask my Computer Expert on how to show the picture of how Jan used the table. What I did will be easy to show. I have been so inspired by the book. Each page gets my mind going....