Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This man is unbelievable!!!

I have always tried to find ways to avoid "Builder Shower Rods"! They drive me nuts! I have gone to great lengths over the years to conceal them.

Our Guest Bath has the typical tub/shower insert and with it came the dreaded shower rod! I have been trying for months to come up with a clever way to hang the shower curtain and not see the rod! The typical solution was a valance/cornice board. I didn't want to have MC do another project at this point. He just finished the wonderful built-ins and I didn't want to push my luck! But, we are having overnight guests tomorrow and I needed a shower curtain!

I have two of the white drapery panels left from the other house. Actually, I was able to take 16 panels when we moved out......and the house still had window treatments when it was put on the market! That is a remarkable feat, in itself!

I mentioned to MC that I wanted to hang the panels on the sides of the tub, from the ceiling. I could remove the builder shower rod when not in use, and put it back when we needed it. It's a simple rod that fits the space and "rests" on the top of the shower insert.

MC to the rescue......in just a few minutes he came out of his "workshop" and had two towel bars in his hands. They had been removed when we moved in. I like to hang towels in different forms and rarely use towel bars. He said he would simply "hang" them from the ceiling......In less than an hour we had the two drapery panels up. A short trip to Lowes for tie backs and the project was finished. I just hung the "temporary" shower rod up for my brother, Hap, and my sister--in-law, Pat, who will be here tomorrow!!!!



The vanity light in the Guest Bath ......

MC, the Genius that he is.......was able to hang my Kenneth Brown mirror over the large builder mirror. To finish it, MC made the thin black frame around the builder mirror. Now Kenneth's mirror is in it's proper home. I recently learned that it was made to be hung over a bath vanity, so it has been my objective to use it in that manner.

Now the search to replace the builder light fixture.......

We're getting there.......
Now if I could, I would........???????


  1. Impressive...that's team work! Nice job guys...

  2. Sorry I've been a bit AWOL. Work is very time-consuming lately.

    Shower curtains look great. I know my parents were VERY impressed with your home.

  3. Claire......glad to see you're back. We have missed all your comments....