Saturday, March 19, 2011



What wonderful ideas you all sent me yesterday......

First ......Happy, I asked MC and he refuses to change his "workshop". Every scrap and all the disorder will stay...."He knows where everything is"....that's the answer I received.....

Anne......I am going to look for some Annuals for our four, large outdoor pots. Maybe in yellow?? Need flowers that can tolerate sun in the rear and most likely Inpatients for the front porch. That gets very little sun, if any. I would love to find new cushions for the three seating pieces on the covered rear veranda.. maybe Sunshine Yellow! I think I'm falling in love with a yellow theme.........let's see.......

MK......I have an art project I have been thinking about. Even Erica will be amazed at what I hope to attempt......Not revealing it yet...(might not work!). If it does......I will have some new small pops of color!

Erica.....Love your idea of asking our readers/friends and family to submit their projects to share with us all. So.....I AM ASKING....

There will surely be a Post with all of MC Jr.'s work. Can't wait to see the deck!

I know MK does fantastic photography and I would love to put her work into a MK Post!!!

Claire, how about some more creative cupcakes?

I recently met a very talented girl who does FANTASTIC art and is a natural at taking photos. Yes.....Risa, I am referring to you. I would love to show everyone your gorgeous pieces......and they are in the most beautiful shades of purples and pinks.
And....Risa and Ed....I would love to post a photo of your new Chandelier that you just installed. Can't wait to see it........Can you imagine, it has 350 pink crystals hanging on long invisible wire at different lengths!!! WOW

I hope to hear from all of you.....I know each and every one has something to share...


  1. This will be fun. All of the blog fans may be "secret" designers too...a star may be born! Looking forward to everyone's creativity.

  2. Great ideas!! I'll try to think of some fancy cupcakes to make!!!

  3. you should have video of my performances playing in a loop on your tv at all times.

  4. MC deserves to have a little disorder if that's what he desires ;)

  5. I may have before/afters of my upstairs bonus room...I plan on starting in about 2 weeks.

  6. That's Great Patti......Good project to share....