Monday, March 7, 2011


MARCH 7, 2011

What can I say? This is it....This is the DAY!


I have been snapping pictures all around the house! I will post the best, below. As all my projects go, adding one piece or changing one item causes a Domino effect. After putting all the treasures into the built-ins, a "Domino Effect", the size of a
TSUNAMI occurred!

Accessories, chairs, tables.... have "moved" all over the place! All through the years, without realizing it, as I purchased furniture and "stuff" they all were interchangeable.....Meaning a piece could work in any room or any decor!

Boy, has that proven to be a redeeming asset! So many, if not most, of our things have been in every room in this house!!! A Great room sofa is now in our Guest Room, wing back chairs moved from the Great Room to the Master Bedroom and TODAY one is in the KITCHEN!!!! Tables, oh they move the most!!!! I think every table has been in every room at one point. The uses change, the "look" changes, to sum up..... I AM HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!!

I love my Asian art, my mirrors, and my art from Erica! During the Tsunami, I got the great idea to create an
Erica Gallery. This home has wonderful halls that scream for art! Over the past week, MC has moved all of her art into special places in the halls. The poor guy, I have had him move them up and down, just inches, to make them "right" to "my" eye. As long as the spackle and touch-up paint lasts, I can move them to my heart's delight!!! The Christening Dress in it's wonderful place in the foyer, the large black and white picture behind MC's desk's remained in place, and Lady of Love and Hope is still over the guest bed!

All the little projects that were on MC's " To Do List" to be finished before March 10th, have been done. He did it!!!

I have a hunch how he was able to accomplish this wonder! Over the past month, to my amazement, he has started walking 5 miles, two days a week. His interests and energy have soared! He joins up with two other "crazy", wonderful neighbors, at 6:15 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I call them "crazy" because they are out, in the dark, freezing cold.....walking!!! They have a wonderful time and all three enjoy their time together. I personally want to thank Judy and Russ for bringing "My Honey" back to life!!

Without further ado I now present the BUILT-INS.......



  1. I'm with MC on this one...the font makes it hard to read....But great looking Built In!!!....I need plans...Bob

  2. Sorry about the font. We can't fix it. Believe me we tried.

  3. Looks marvelous!! I do love the Queen's chair at the kitchen table. It looks like it belongs there. The clock over the fireplace is wonderful. Dad/MC did a excellent job on the built ins. It all has a purpose - that is important! I like the "bar" area. JOB WELL DONE...all of it!

  4. Always something new! VERY nice work on the built-ins... NAP well deserved! Love the "period" at the end... great way to punctuate this post.... zzzzzz :)

  5. Hi Patty,
    This is Carla S from Dr Hymans office! I always enjoy seeing what you have done with your home! What a wonderful talent you have....thanks for showcasing them!

  6. Thanks Carla for your kind words.....I love doing my crazy stuff. I am having so much fun in THE BUCKET LIST HOUSE