Sunday, July 22, 2012


Yes, MC finished my wall shelves.  I have been going in circles moving things around. I "think" I have arrived at the "First" Premier Viewing!"  Since, I'm me, you realize it will be different at the drop of a hat!  oops....just moved a picture, need to shoot a retake.  OK, we can proceed!

Not going to reveal it that quickly.  I have to build this up a little.  Make it appear like it's a huge event!

I figure I will start with the floor plan of the Bucket List House.  That will give you an idea of the space that is involved.  It's a small area, at the end of the kitchen.....8' x 10'4"....that's it!  It's called NOOK!

Sherry, when I saw your sophisticated use of "Captions",  I begged MC to work on them with me.  I also played with the idea of inserting those great "arrows" that the pro-bloggers use.  MC informed me he had to do that  little bit of  ingenious on his computer, not mine,  so he's working on it now.

He just told me he got it,  and he has inserted it below.....AAAAH he is so clever,  Master Computerman!
Now that you have the vision of the space -------I will continue with how it has looked over the history of our time here.....October 2010 until now.... It has had many different looks!   Things move and change here at the Bucket List House.  MC takes a flash light with him to the bathroom for fear I have moved something since he went to bed!
  I think we've had five (5) different light fixtures!  Pretty sure, yes five, that's counting the one that came with the house....that lasted a week!

I need to take a minute now to go search in my wealth of old pictures of the previous ways the NOOK has looked. Be back in a jiff!

During Construction

Move in Day-----Builders Light Fixture

There was a fabulous light fixture next.  It lasted one day.  It blew the circuit breaker.  Fixture now in a Historic Victorian home in Danville, Va.  Some genius was able to make it work.  Believe me,  IT WAS COOL!

This look was fun. 

This worked until the light fixture stopped working!

Love my crystal ball fixture!  It came from Overstock.com and is identical to a Pottery Barn original

Oh brilliant idea....we switched tables.  The round glass table is now in our "formal"  :)  Dining Room!

Another great idea.... bring the "outside chairs....inside"  Set up for a little Dolcetto fun party!

That gorgeous clock stopped working.  We took it down and had no idea what to replace it with!  After staring at a blank wall for a month, we took it back.  We had it for over a year!!!!  The store gave us a brand new one!!!  I'm still amazed at that Customer Service.....Pier 1, you are great!

We are almost finished with the "history"!

The outside sofa didn't work.  It was shedding it's paint and had to go back outside!  That left the two chairs, which I loved in the room.   I didn't quite know what to do with two chairs at the 8' x 30 "  table? Then....the Epiphany came....make the table a DESK!  I would love to have a desk to write my blog and take care of all our Dolcetto Social doings.  I could have all my "stuff" handy!  We could still use the chairs for breakfast and then use the  round glass table in the "Formal" dining room for dinner!

Moved everything around.  My SIL was here and said I needed a lamp on the table to make it look more "desky".....Found one in use elsewhere which of course started a huge "domino" effect around here...another story altogether!   Put the lamp on the "desk"!  It looked great, but blocked the clock that was now the new clock that was WORKING!

So.....back to blank wall.  Clock moved to wall behind MC's desk.  With a flip of my head, I got it!!!! Another fantastic Epiphany!  MC could construct some shelves for the space.

That was two weeks ago.

Are you ready!

Are you sure?

This is looking towards the new Office  from the Foyer

Getting closer.....

Here we are.....IN MY OFFICE!
The two photos are pictures of the Garden City, N.Y. Hotel.  I grew up in Garden City and spent many, many happy occasions there....a little unknown fact.  I went to Mrs. Skinner's Business College in the Hotel!  It was in the basement and quite an experience!  But see, I can now TYPE!

This entire project was the work of MC----------including the photography and the clever, oh so clever captions and arrow inserts.  Thanks Hon...


  1. Patty, what a great use of space, it really has turned out to be a great office space. It looks like you and MC are a great team!! Happy Sunday,

  2. I like it! Never would have thought to do that. What's next?

  3. I like your new office space. Your new book shelves look fantastic. Please let MC know he did a fabulous job on the shelves. I wish they were mine! You accessorize the shelves very well too. Congrats on a beautiful room.

    Enjoy your day!


  4. Thanks girls, so glad you like my new office! MC is surely a keeper!
    I think the next project will be dolling up the laundry room.

  5. Oh Lisa, I do too. Will have to share the view one these days. Forgot that shot.
    MC is enjoying his new found "fame"

  6. Looks great! But I think a creative office space/studio needs to have an inspiration board!!! What if you took one of the "cubbie" spaces in the bookshelf, lined the wall with cork??? Keep in within the unit, neat and tidy, but you can pin swatches and magazine inspirations... Very designer chic!! Just a thought :)

  7. DITTO to Henry and Lisa's comments. What a GREAT look! Can we hire MC?:)

  8. OK Erica, I will work on that! Never thought of it.

    you all need to know that the cost was:
    That in itself is remarkable! He had some left over wood from the Great Room Units he built last year. I was always after him to "clean up the messy garage!" He fought me on that, and boy am I glad he won that battle!

  10. Linda, I keep him too busy to let him do outside jobs!!!
    His "head" is so BIG tonight.

  11. Those weren't merely shelves, that's a whole bookcase wall unit! Totally impressed by the handiwork of MC. His talents know no boundaries....amazing!

    I love all the changes as it's something so close to my own heart. The perpetual room change is constant for me as well. Enjoy working in your new office as it's quite beautiful.

  12. Great job Patty! I loved that you turned the breakfast nook into your office. It is so stylish with that chandelier, and I love the built-ins! Way to go.

  13. Nancy, It was fun doing. I will enjoy writing my blog posts in this area, doing the "social" duties for our small neighborhood. I will add objects that have special meaning to me along the way.
    Thanks again

  14. Naz, It will be a perpetual space in movement.
    MC's Fan Club is growing by leaps and bounds.
    I guess it really isn' a bookcase. Don't have enough books! My idea was to house my piles of "Design" magazines. The fun items will change now and then!

  15. Love your new office! The shelves are beautifully stage--and gotta love those pictures on the front of them. The desk lamp is oooh, laa, laa. Grandma's jewelry box is the heart of the display on your shelves.

  16. Thanks Linda. I love that jewelry box. I have to tell you that it left a hole on the console where it was last. Now I have to start the domino game ..but I love it on my shelves and will leave it.
    What's so funny. I don't have a business! I write this blog, another one for our neighborhood's Dolcetto events and take care of social Dolcetto functions. Do I really NEED an office..but it's fun to have one!

  17. Hello Linda,
    I am glad o found our blog! The place looks amazing. :)

  18. Patty....Patty....Patty.....I agree those are not just bookshelves...why those are the Rolls Royce of bookshelves!!! Yes...Unfortunately for me...MC is a keeper. But don't think for one minute you are safe from someone trying to snatch him up! He has some mean talent there. I don't think I have it in me [wink wink] to bribe my husband into doing a project like that.
    One more thing....you have accessorized them perfectly!

  19. aaaah, Sherry, THANKS!
    MC used to be my "Secret"! I guess the world now knows he's the real Designer in our house!
    I must tell all. He has to "think" about the project and then figure out how he can pull it off, if he can't talk me out of it! It's quite a process, especially with our budget restraints. I show him pictures from all those high end magazines I drool over and then say, " Honey, I would love this to be our next project!" Our house is a DIY Project in the works!

  20. MC did a fantastic job! You both did! Thank you, Patty, for sharing your wonderful home with us. What a great office for blogging, etc :-)
    Cheers from DC,

  21. Thanks Loi, I appreciate your sharing your time at my home. I love visiting yours Tone on Tone.

  22. Ooo the whole space is lovely but THE JEWELRY BOX! So gorgeous. I absolutely love it.

  23. The chandelier, the table change, the built-ins in your office...it is all crazy good! I love the vintage touches from your family you added. It must feel like "home".

  24. Your house is beautiful, Patty! And I love all of your different light fixtures : )

  25. love you new office and MC should be very proud of his carpentry skills!!

  26. I love that you are using that space for an office! It is really a well thought out space! Bravo MC!