Monday, July 2, 2012

Epiphanies Are Happening....Things Are Going Crazy

Give me a chance....I can explain this insanity!
 Bringing The Outside In...... didn't completely work!  Not all outside works inside!   The love seat that MC repainted has been a nightmare.    The paint began shedding from day one!    I spent three days wiping  chips and pieces of black paint off the floor!  Not fun and not functional.  No matter how great the Form was.... the Function part wasn't working!
I reluctantly put the love seat back on the Terrace.

The one thing I was sure of:  I didn't want the chairs from World Market back.  They looked great in our other house, but were just "off" here. I'm not sure why.  Maybe if I had gone to Design School I would know?  It's one of those things where to my "eye" it simply wasn't working.  The two chairs in black wicker from the Terrace were fab!

I looked on the internet  for ideas for seating ...went to all my favorite places.
Nothing!   That "Budget" thing again!

Then it "hit" me!  The Kitchen Breakfast area doesn't have to remain an eating space....Is there someone out there saying:  "That is a Breakfast Room and you Must use it as such."  I don't think so....We have a Dining Room with the glass 60 inch table....we used that for years, what not continue?

Which led to my second thought.  ( I can have many "thoughts" at once.)   I seem to be good at this.
Treat the Breakfast area as my OFFICE.  Wow, I could have an office!   I can do my Blog and handle the social doings of our neighborhood in an OFFICE.   I spend most of the day sitting at the table on the laptop, all my magazines and design books surrounding me.  When we have dinner, I have to remove it all to the floor and then put it back.  Not very practical.

The next step.... I want it to LOOK like my office and not a kitchen breakfast area!  This is the fun part.  Imagination sets in and all sorts of ideas start flowing.  My brother, Happy and sister-in-law Pat, were here for a surprise visit!  Actually they were headed for Pat's family reunion,  had  car problems and were within 30 miles.  They called and asked if the "Epiphany Suite" was available.  We had a great two day visit.  They were so excited to be here while an EPIPHANY was occurring!  Not very many have been that fortunate!

Pat said:  "You need a lamp!"  Yes, I thought.  That would give the table a desky look!  Well you know how that goes...move one thing and all things go to pot!  Found the lamp on the converted-hope-chest-to- credenza as the one.  Put it on the table, it looks great, BUT it killed the 48 inch wall clock!  As a side note, the clock stopped working over two months ago.  We don't know why????  OK, now what to do with all that blank wall.......something had to be there lamp or no lamp!

More Epiphanies,....now Happy and Pat are really experiencing the Event!  I said:  "MC can build wall shelves and fill in the entire space!  Paint them white, to match the trim and bookshelves in the Great Room.  It will Define the area as an Office!  THAT'S IT!"  They looked at me in amazement and asked: "Can he do that?"  My reply......"Piece of Cake....easy!" 

Will add that since eight last night when this occurred, MC already has his plans drawn up!

Now,  I have a  clock, (Which  has decided to work!), empty spot where the lamp was,  and so on. It will all work out eventually.....

  Thought I'd throw in a picture of where we are this afternoon.  A lot of work to get done!


  1. So cool!!! Love this idea and I can see it becoming a lovely office. Great epiphany!!!

  2. Patti, I think it's going to be a winner. Have to find places for all the "moved" and missing pieces.

  3. Witnessing the epiphanic event in person was an experience unequaled in the history of creative humanity

  4. I know that you are still in a trance! In a few days all will be back to normal. Loved having you and Pat here.

  5. I just want to make note that I LOVE the chandy over your desk. Just needed to pass that on to you. :)

    Have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July.

  6. Thank you Naz. It was a great buy on Overstock.com and is very, very similar to a chandelier at Potter Barn. It came completely UN-assembled! Check out an old post from the Archives on March 10, 2011! It's titled: MC is now ME.

  7. Your new office area looks fabulous! As of right now, I am reading blogs/ blogging on my table in the breakfast nook area.

    When it is time for dinner, I have to remove my laptop and all my stuffs from the table, not very practical. Need a proper office asap!

    Great job on your home office, Patty! Love the curtains.


  8. Jessie, I have MC all excited about building the shelving. I can't wait to fill them with goodies. My Granddaughter, Erica, made my drapery panels...Glad you like them.

  9. I have a particular vision of what this will be... But I'll wait to share my thought and see if "great minds think alike!!"

    This shall be fun!