Monday, July 16, 2012

Close, but not there yet!

Two big things are getting close, very close.

First, MC is working his fingers to the bone on the wall shelves.  He's working on the moldings, caulking and finishing touches.. I can't wait to see the final results, let alone reveal them!  I'm planing all sorts of ways to fill those shelves.  Might have to go shopping!

He took yesterday OFF...We are two, of  a Committee of four.  A dear couple down the street, are helping us run  SunCity Peachtree's Holiday Tour of Homes.   The truth is ----- I volunteered ALL OF US!  that's me!  I needed the  additional STRESS!

We had a "get together"---I hate the term meeting---- at The Bucket List House yesterday afternoon. We invited all the wonderful residents who have offered their homes and talents to this event.  We will have the Best Tour ever!  Nine  gracious homeowners  have volunteered their homes to be on the tour.  This year we are  introducing  a new addition.  A number of residents are fabulous "crafters", or have  home businesses.....  I came up with the brilliant idea (yes, an Epiphany), to have one of the homes a GIFT HOUSE.  So far,  13 have volunteered to sell their wares..It will be "Shopping Crazy" here on December 2nd.  Of course I will  post pictures of this MOST IMPORTANT DAY!

So this morning MC was back to work!  

 While the paint was drying...He rested!  Looks like the Little Me figure he made.... "reading" in his chair, book, with eyes closed!  Too warm for the hoody!

MC's Little Me title....Reading
MC's Little Me ....READING

Second, we are very close to a Winner!  Almost there.. I don't know what will come first,  the Winner or the finished wall shelves!

I have been putting together some ideas for the next phase of Patty's Epiphanies.  I've been thinking...and that always leads to trouble! 



  1. I was there at the conception!

  2. so precious seeing him sleep after his hard work!!!

  3. Where did you get the Mini Me version of your hubby sleeping? Too funny!


  4. Hi Patty,
    Thanks so much for your comments to my blog! Seems like you have a great project going on. Best of luck!

    Affordable Luxury Blog

  5. Jessie, MC, my husband, makes them. He loves working with bass wood. As he just said, "One of his many talents." He has done them as gifts for most of our family. He is delighted you like it!

  6. It's looking great Patty...glad your worker is getting some rest!!

  7. Thanks Girls from Design Chic for the lovely compliment...He rests a lot! Almost finished! Patty

  8. Hey....that looks like a man in retirement! Use a hammer...take a nap. Perfect!

  9. That's about it...more of the nap, than the hammer!