Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Our neighbors are wonderful....I received a call this morning from the couple across the street. Linda and Rudy asked if I would like to see a piece that had just been installed in their home, and to bring my camera ---so I could share it with my readers!

I hated to appear over anxious, but I was elated  to oblige!   I was there in 5 minutes! Just threw on a pair of shoes and went.  Good thing I'm not in any of these pictures!  I did warn  Linda that my attire was "casual" and forget my wearing any make-up!    To my "insiders" ....No,  I wasn't in my lavender uniform!

It's amazes me,  although we all have homes from the 14 or so models available,  every homeowner has personalized their home with fabulous decor!  Most times it's hard to realize which "model" you are in! 

The Master Baths, with soaking tubs, are "blessed"  with a large window above the tub.  It brings in a lot of light, but can be a monster to address for Form and Function!  Our homes are not on huge lots!  Think..PRIVACY!

I think Linda and Rudy have nailed it!  The homes in our neighborhood are  part of the Magnolia Series.  They contracted a local artist, Ann Moniak, to design what they visioned for the space. .  Ann listened to their request to create a window that would compliment their home....Her interpretation and craftsmanship in the piece she made in Stained Glass is gorgeous.  On her business card she refers to her work as Art Glass At It's Finest,  and that's exactly what it is!

Linda and Rudy's home is furnished in beautiful tones of greens and golds.  This piece is perfect. Magnolias and all!!!

The piece is a Stained Glass panel that has been mounted,  inside, over the existing window!  Not only do you have a beautiful window, but you have the practicality of the double paned window behind it!

 Linda and Rudy have a home with pure  Traditional decor.  Her window treatments are gorgeous, and the fabrics...simply superb! 

Linda would like to replace some of her Great Room pieces.  She is having a hard time finding comfortable,  Traditional pieces,  that have a new fresh look,  but are still Traditional!

I am confident that she will find her vision, as she did with the new window.  I hope I'm invited back to share! 

Thank you so much Linda and Rudy....Thank you.  Thank you

Some fun!
A few of my newly found Blog friends are in a great experiment.  They have been challenged to redo a room in six weeks.  Each has started their "room" and tomorrow will reveal Week 3 of the challenge.  By all means take a peek at some great rooms in progress.  Find them at my  "Wonder Places (Blogs) to Visit section,  on the right hand side of this page.  All the bloggers will post tomorrow and their blogs will "jump" to the top of the list.


  1. Will MC jump off the roof if you start doing the change a room experiment?!

  2. Very nice! Beautiful work!

  3. I love the look of stained glass and theirs are very beautiful.

  4. "Hap", I'm not in the Challenge. This was assigned to designers who also happen to write blogs. Some are showing a client's room and some have decided to show a room they have been working on in their own home. There are 20 Designer/Bloggers in the challenge and it has been fun to follow. Give it a look!

  5. Thanks for spreading the blog love, Patty! It's very kind of you.

    The stained glass looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


  6. oh my, how i love stained glass... that's simply lovely!

  7. Nice idea. I got some old stained glass to keep the birds from suicide flights into the big kitchen window. I found you from your comment to Joni on ageism. I'm in your area age wise. All these cute blondes ( they seem to predominate) make me laugh. Some of the fashionistas who are consumed by what they wear for every activity! Tho the NY Times runs a similar feature ... They keep me in stitches. Some of the things floating out there are just common sense stuff. Maybe I assume to much but I learned most of it from my folks. Your shopping experience was hysterical !

  8. Thanks, Pat's Addition, for the lovely comments.

  9. Beautiful and very creative! I’m always a fan of stained glass windows because they are just so superbly fascinating. It takes a lot of work before producing that type window. I tried it several times. The upshot isn’t as perfect as that, but I know that there’s always room for improvement. :D