Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Story Of Our New Clock

I wish to thank Beth and Kristy for the lovely afternoon yesterday and their posts on their  blogs this morning, with picture, of Kristy's book signing at the Corner Book Store in Winder, Georgia. 

  MC and I had a Ball

 MC to the Rescue....once more!

Except for doctor visits I've been in the house  these last few months.  Glad to report I'm about back to my normal "pain in the neck" self!  Can't say that makes MC all that happy!

When you stare at the same walls for weeks on end your mind wonders.  At least mine does.  I thought "We need a large round piece over the fireplace to carry out all the circles we have in the room.  In the rug, tables, etc."
While we were at the book signing we mentioned MC's latest project.  Beth suggested we show it in steps along the way so here goes 

Plan A
First idea was to search for a large round mirror.  MC and I went to all the normal sources.  Nothing popped out at me.

 Plan B
I then got the "Epiphany" to look for round large clocks.  We have one in MC's den/study/hideaway.  He wouldn't part with it, but it did give me the assurance that a large round clock was what we needed.

Again we went to all our sources.  I found one at ZGallerie BUT the  price was a NO/NO.

 Plan C
  Not to give up I said:  "Honey, you can make one"  That was all I had  to say.  He did some research and we were in Lowes the next afternoon looking at 4 x 4 pieces of plywood. Got our piece.   Only......we couldn't get it into the car!  MC carried it back into Lowes and had them cut 2 inches off both ends.  So now we had a 46" piece.  It FIT in the car!  A start!

He had no problem making it  round with all his wonderful power tools.  It's now 43" round.  Perfect.


He also ordered the hands and works for a clock on line.  They arrived yesterday.  He sprayed them gold!

He primed and started painting the plywood.  My vision was a clock mimicking a Movado watch,  After 5 coats of black paint it didn't look right.  Due to it's plywood the paint didn't look smooth.   So....

Plan D

 This afternoon we headed to JoAnn's Fabrics for a faux leather fabric in black.  Found the  perfect bolt,  and we were on our way.

MC just finished gluing it to the board and it looks great.

Hopefully we are on the right track and will have our Movado clock very soon.

It a wonderful story.
The first of many from Kristy!