Monday, May 11, 2015


Yes, Today, May 11,  was the day!    Kristy had her book signing for Dear Carolina, her first book!  This afternoon the signing was in Winder, Ga. not far from Grayson and MC and I attended .  Would not have missed it for anything!  We  had a wonderful afternoon.

Kristy and her Mom, Beth write the  My Design Chic blog  http://www.mydesignchic.com/ and Kristy has her own blog  http://www.kristywoodsonharvey.com/  

I received my copy of the book on Saturday and have been reading it since it came.  I finished the last page as we pulled into our parking space at the book store. With book in hand, MC and I approached the door and within a second, Beth came out and said:  " Oh Patty, we are so happy you were able to come."  She guided us to the rear of the store where Kristy was set up to do the signings.  

Kristy, her Mom, Beth,  two of Beth's sisters, Nancy and Anne and Little Will, Kristy's 3 year old son were there.  They are a wonderful, close,  loving family.  They were so gracious to MC and me and made it a point to introduce us to everyone that come.  They made us feel so special. 

Thank you my dear friends for making today so, so special.

 Kristy, Beth and Yours Truly

 Kristy and Yours Truly

 Girl Talk
with Little Will

Dear Carolina is a very moving "Love" story.  A Love story of two Mothers and their baby.  You must read it.  YOU MUST!