Wednesday, May 6, 2015


When MC and I moved into our "Happily Ever After" home our view left a lot to be desired. MC promised he could improve it, so I went along and signed the papers.    He is SMART  and has always fixed the impossible.   This time I was not sure,  and had a lot of doubts.  LOTS!!

 To me this was a task I felt he just might not be able to FIX!

Our view, the brick side of our neighbors home with all their utility boxes and air conditioner.  Not the open vista we left that let in tons of natural light!

This was how it looked before MC started his magic!

It has been a year, and we have come a long, long way. It's looking so much better.  Time will only enhance it more!

We have removed the sofa and put our long dining table that MC made a couple of years ago.  It's a perfect outside Dining Room!   Love it.

MC added 10 shrubs to give us the privacy we needed.  We hung the flowing sheers and there are shades that pull down to the ground if needed.  Our little HIDEAWAY !!!!

He worked so diligently digging and planting.  It gave him the inspiration for a new MC Little People.

He put the finishing touches on MC the Landscaper this morning...

I LOVE the shorts!  He has a pair exactly like them.

Tonight MC took a few minutes to rest and celebrate all his great accomplishments.  Our space looks fabulous and as usual HE WAS RIGHT!



  1. You two are a perfect team!! It looks amazing. Love the table out there and the curtains add the perfect softness…job well done indeed!! So excited to see you two - a highlight of the tour for sure!!

  2. Ive been traveling all over but tonight I took time to catch up on some of my favorites and of course you are one of those. gotta love MC and your vest for life. Hope you are well! oxox

  3. The outdoor space looks even better "in person"! The Tree Man is great! Love it!

  4. I can't get over it's been a year since you've moved. I love what you've both done with your outside dining and adding greenery was the perfect touch. MC's little people always make me smile and his latest creation has done the same. The shorts add just the right amount of whimsy because they are plaid. Kudos for the patience it must have taken to paint those plaid shorts!


  5. so awesome and i love the little sculpture- too funny! you guys are adorable!

  6. Can we all borrow MC? And never return him to you, haha :) Love the garden work! Love his little self portrait!! Cheers

  7. OH MY! That mini is soon funny!!! Great solutions... I KNEW you didn't NEED a brick wall ;)