Friday, March 15, 2013


If you have been following this BLOG, you must have noticed the Visitor Map and Flag Counter in the right margin of the BLOG.  We started this several months ago and so far we have had visits from 75 countries and 49 States and the District of Columbia.  

What happened to the 50th State???

No one has ever visited this BLOG from MONTANA.  Does MONTANA really exist??  Is there really a state in the United States called, MONTANA?  

YES THERE IS, OR AT LEAST WAS, BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN THERE!  It was a beautiful mountainous state (hence the name, MONTANA).

There are 1,005,141 people living in MONTANA.  Surely at least one person of over one million would be curious or interested enough to visit Patty's Epiphanies at least once.  

The challenge is out to MONTANIANS, MONTANITES, MONTANESE, or whatever is the proper form of address for residents of MONTANA.  If there is still a MONTANA, and if anyone is still there with access to the Internet, PLEASE LOG ON TO PATTY'S EPIPHANIES AT:


If you are reading this and live somewhere else and know of anyone living in MONTANA, PLEASE contact them and have them visit us.  

We need ALL our 50 States represented in our Flag Counter.   

This Post written by  MC, who takes full responsibility for its contents.