Saturday, March 23, 2013


A few.....

First, I found my POP of Pink pillow!
At Stein Mart
How could I go wrong?

It's a perfect match to my scarf!

That "half moon" you see above the sofa is explained a little later!

I decided to give our cocktail table an artsy appearance!....Put a display of  books.  I like it for now. I know it will change, but right now I like the "look".  And it makes me   feel SMART!

For a long time I have wanted to "SEE" how the mirror, Famously known as The Spare Tire, would look over the sofa...Yes, above the sofa on the windows.....No I'm not blocking any of the "Vista View".  It's still there in all it's glory!
Again for now, I like it.  It's "New" and "Different"!
It's me!!


The fireplace mirrored surround is now clean!  Very classy!!!

I did and a little whimsy to the Epiphany Suite!

Now there's the Perfect spot for a little refreshment or a place to write a note....telling all your friends how great it is to stay at the Epiphany Suite!

And Later!

I have been working on my PINTERST page!   Check it out.  You will see the Link on the right side of the Home Page.   As I make changes in the BLH, I update the BLH Board !   DAILY, it seems I  have a change to show!!!!!  Hopefully I will have lots and lots there, right now it's a start!