Wednesday, March 6, 2013



MC and I are literally in the midst of three, possibly four totally different ideas...Epiphanies!

Our biggest project right now.... our Dining Room Chairs.  See MC work!

But wait
Something has caught his eye
Will he continue?
The one thing about MC is that he doesn't always stay "focused"!  He putters from one thing to the next.  Are you still sure you want to "rent" him?

This all started over two weeks ago.  We bought the Annie Sloan paint in Paris Grey  to redo the chairs.  We also searched for new fabric.

circa 1998
The fabric has held up pretty good over the years.  Just tired looking and the wrong color!

The first fabric we bought was hideous in the room.  In the showroom it was dark gray, at home it was sick green!  It was on sale, so the loss wasn't that bad.  Someday,  someone will want it?

 We  headed out and shopped, again,  for fabric.   We found the sturdy canvas black fabric at Hobby Lobby,  and with MC's 40% coupon it was extremely reasonable.


 BTW, if you are looking for that photo, that Post has been deleted from the Blog, never to return.  We were "warned"  we really didn't want that image "OUT THERE" !
If you still want one "signed" we can arrange for that,  personally.

 We had a few (36) neighbors over for our Wine Party.   
A few days after the party, our Daughter, Patti,  Son in Law, Mark and Granddaughter, Magz visited.  We needed the chairs for both of those events!

 Monday,  we started to work on  chair "one".  The paint went on very smoothly and I decided to use a  "distress" effect. Might leave it or might paint over it....the jury is still out.

 We bought some trim roping , with this weeks 40% Hobby Lobby coupon!  We decided not to cover the inside back of the chair.  We painted it and used the trim to outline the inside of the back.

   It's still "In Progress"...a Prototype .

We want to get more rope trim for the seats.  But....we have to wait until Monday!  Why you ask?  Because we must wait to have the next 40% Hobby Lobby coupon from this coming Sunday's paper...and Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays.   No joke!

Oh ..MC just told me he could download  a coupon and use it!!  Good, we don't have to wait until Monday to finish the first chair.

He's out now!!!

The reason we are eating out or going on Diets!
Our Dining Room looks like this:

Did you notice that I switched out the rugs?  Oh,  tell me you noticed, please.
and....did you see the black ties for the drapery panels???  Old cording that wasn't enough to use for the chairs.

I love our new rug in the Dining Room! It really looks great with the round table and the shape of the chair backs! And...I love the colors in the room!   One would think I planned it!  Ha---- that will never happen.  My "designs" evolve. We bought that rug for the Great Room, and now it's fabulous in the Dining Room.

 The Cowhides?  Where are they?   They  were bought for the Foyer and Hall..


But.. I had a great Epiphany....actually saw a picture in one of my mags.  I layered them----- in the Great Room.  Now Lulu and Honey Bell are really together!


Curious?  Did anyone notice the strange looking object in the middle of the sofa?  IT'S NOT BLACK OR WHITE !

Had to try a Pop of color in the room.  Everyone and most publications are pushing Color for Spring!  I will keep my Black and White, I LOVE it!  But I will add ONE POP.   I am not a yellow or green girl..they make me look sick! Why would I want to live in a room that has a color that makes me look sick?  Color of the Year or Not?  I do love pink and it makes me look healthy!  The pink object you see is actually a scarf I wrapped over a black and white pillow.  Now,  I have to find a pink INEXPENSIVE throw pillow!

We have another project in the works for our Master Bath.  It has to be worked on in the garage and it's just too cold right now!

MC is also working on a NEW ---------  MC Little People ----figure!  Again, this is done in the garage.

Possibly,  not sure, we might do a medallion or something on the ceiling over the Dining Table.  After we switched out the rugs, I'm not sure I want to do it?

Can't wait to show the Dining Room with all four chairs finished!
Till then,  or in case some Great Epiphany comes to me...



  1. Omgoodness you two do stay busy!!! Love the new look on the dining room chairs, and yes I did notice the rug, love that too. Black and white done right!!! xo Kathysue

  2. MC sounds like me... working on a project, working on a project... ooh something shiny just went by..... ;)
    can't wait to see them done. looking good!

  3. I laugh at you and MC every time I visit - such great work on the chairs and oh yes, I noticed the rug...it's fabulous!! Dining room chairs being recovered sounds like the perfect excuse to eat out to me...

  4. You two are so cute, I love that he goes shopping for fabric with you! The chair and rug are looking great!!

  5. The newly upholstered chair looks great. Looking forward to see them finished!


  6. I too go from project to project leaving things unfinished. It's my downfall...along with not knowing where to begin, or apparently finishing.

    I'm 100% with you on the "color of the year" as I've never liked Emerald green. I'll leave that color to the Wizard of Oz.

    Love the changes you've incorporated and all the adventures you both partake in.

  7. I can't believe how many things you have going on. Madness! but OMG I'm loving the new white chairs with that black fabric. Good stuff lady.

  8. You guys are hilarious. I can relate..like that pink pillow; I was in the store last weekend and saw lovely lilac pillows and wanted to buy them for the LR, but then I thought to myself, I don't have a plan, Im just finished adding black to my neutrals, and going down the lilac rabbit hole might change the whole thing! Can't wait to see your chairs. Best of luck guys!
    love the layered cowhides.
    xo Nancy

  9. I love the changes!! The rugs look sooo good in their new spots! I love the cowhides layered like that, and the circles in the rug that's in the dining room go so well with the chairs and table! And speaking of chairs- love what you guys are doing to them! The prototype chair looks so gorgeous! oh and I noticed that pop of pink right away- it looks so fab with all the black and white.