Tuesday, March 12, 2013


  "It's All in The Details", Erica said this last week.    "The Details" have been meaning more and more to me.

When the Dining Room Chairs were placed in the room,  I immediately removed the wing back chair.  Too busy, too many--------"Stars"....Kathysue, author of Good Life Of Design, http://goodlifeofdesign.blogspot.com/, wrote a Post about this last week.

 BUT ....Where to put it?

My "Epiphanies" come and go,  over and over.....some stay, some disappear and some RETURN.

My little "private office" space.  But, this time I added small DETAILS

 Rather ironic because I don't need an office.  I don't have a JOB!

What Do I Do?

I write this blog and plan the Social Events for our neighborhood.  Oh,  I do move furniture and act out my "Epiphanies"!!   Throw in my daily exercises and "Preventive Cleaning"!
 That's it, that's my LIFE!

(....MC and I still enjoy breakfast here, and if we have guests for a casual meal, all we do is put back the other two straight chairs...easy! ......)
Otherwise we enjoy using our Dining Room for our meals!

Look close,  you will notice we tied back the white drapery panels,  as we did in the Dining Room, and painted the rods black.

Small ---- impact ....Details!

I have to DISPLAY my Alma mater!   I attended Business School in the Garden City Hotel!  AND...when I was 12,  I took  formal Ballroom Dancing lessons there!  Mrs. Child's Dancing School!
  Two years ago my brother,  Bobby,   sent these two wonderful photos of the "Hotel".  One,  as it stood before being razed,  and the other,  a beautiful "pencil/pen sketch.
  There is now a new modern structure.  Not the same!
The romance of the past no longer exists, except for the memories.

While we were at it, we came up with one other small Detail!  The pictures on the Back Splash were in gold frames.  MC painted them gold two years ago.  They were black at first.......Guess What?  They are BLACK,  Again!


Tomorrow I am trying to do something different with one of my favorite Bloggers,  Emily  A. Clark
I will let you know if it works.....fingers crossed!