Monday, November 3, 2008

ERiCA...............WOW, a whole different talent

ERiCA--------WOW a whole different talent

Last month when I was trying to figure out a way to make our bedroom "feel" more comfortable for the Fall season, I remembered she had done an interior design project for a friend's daughter who was entering her teens. The mother asked Erica to help transfer the girls room from "little girl" to a room fit for a young teen. With paint and fabric she performed her magic! So that was it----------I called, and again "commissioned" her work! The result was featured in last week’s blog. The fabric and lining are very heavy and I know she had a "time" with it and the sewing machine! I can't thank her enough for our new spread. It's just what the room needed.

If I think about it, our bedroom would lack any design if it weren't for Erica---------------

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  1. everyone! check out my website in the next couple of days... i'm updating it today (hopefully) :) www.thisisirisi.com

    thanks so much for all your love and support. i would be me without you