Monday, November 3, 2008

ERiCA...............the future

Next month our home will be one of the homes featured in Charlotte's Christmas Open House Tour for a local charity. Erica and I came up with some great ideas. She has made two pieces that are a vital part of the design. One is a special pillow for the bed and the other is a runner for our table. She also sat down, and with ease, sketched out wonderful ideas for me to "work-on" to properly show our home for this event. I can't wait to post the pictures when it's done!

Erica, I know that as time goes by, your talents will expand and grow. The future holds so much for you. Whether you follow your vision with oils, silk prints, jewelry or all of the above ----I know YOU can do it!!! GO GIRL GO!!!

Thank you for all your wonderful, talented help and welcome to my team.

P.S.---note my special custom Grandma bag! Love, love it!

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