Monday, November 3, 2008

ERiCA...............my granddaughter

ERiCA--------my granddaughter

Today, I am introducing Erica as a contributor to my blog. She is formally listed as: Creative Assistant.

In reality she is much more than that. Erica is the one who suggested I write a blog and she has been a great source of help. She said "Grandma, you can do it, if you need help just call!". I took her advice on both.

Erica has had an artistic talent her entire young life. At 23, she has accomplished so much in numerous mediums of the art world. When you check out her website, you will see why I am so proud of her.


My first hint that something was stirring in that creative mind was when, at age four, she designed and built a house for her Barbies. This was before you could purchase a Barbie Townhouse at Toys R Us! She also spent hours making clothes for the dolls and furnishings for the rooms. She did it all!


  1. Erica is SO talented! I commissioned her to make a scarf for my mom a couple of years ago for her birthday and she loves it!

    Erica, I need a bag!


  2. We've been telling Erica she should open her own boutique featuring her designs for fashion and home...I also commissioned her for a scarf for Angela and it is beautiful...she is a special talent!...OK, that all said, we need some big paintings for our home...come to Seoul!

  3. why thank you family! and you'll be happy to know, in my brain are serious thoughts of creating my own line of bags and a new idea I will unveil at Christmas... :) we'll see where it goes from there!

  4. New... creative line to be out by Christmas..............Can't wait