Saturday, October 15, 2016

PROUD to be a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution

Today was the big day!
After months of filling out reams of paper work and tons and tons of research, I was inducted into the DAR.  A dream of my mother's!   MC and my Brother Bobby accompanied me to the swearing in and luncheon.

MC and the Local Registrar did all the work!  All I did was freak out at  each and every  hold up
 and pass information back and forth between Connie, the Registrar, and MC!  My brothers were also a big help in finding family information and certificates.   They all deserve the credit for making this day possible.   You can't imagine all the documentation and work involved .  My Thanks to ALL!

MC developed a love for the research work while working on my lineage .  He is now doing voluntary "Indexing" for an online genealogy research site.  He loves the work, spending many hours every day at his computer!   I even tease him that it has become an addiction!   He also has become a member of the Genealogy Club here in Shell Point, and loves sharing all the information he has found.  I have been trying for days to make up a new title out of MC and came up with "Master Computer "Indexer".

Displaying PATTYDARSWEARINGIN.jpg I have to confess that I "did it again"!   I failed to check the time for the affair.  I went by the time of last month's meeting and in doing so I was a half hour late!   I did make a Grand Entrance to say the least!  But somehow arrived just in time to be sworn in with the other new members!

 Me and Connie

MC, Me and Connie

So Proud!


  1. We're so proud, too, Patty!! You look beautiful and nothing like being fashionably late - love it! Applause for all of MC's research - "Master Computer Indexer" is the perfect title! Happy weekend, you two!! xoxo

  2. Yay! Master paperwork filler-outers! Congrats! And looking sharp in that white suit!

  3. It's such an honor to behold and congratulations! You look very chic in your attire and kudos to MC for doing all the legwork. It's fascinating in finding out all that genealogy that we possess. Congratulations once again Patty!!

  4. Fabulous! Congratulations and Happy New Year!!