Saturday, June 28, 2014


I did mention that MC had also installed new lighting fixtures in our Master Bath!
Again, after much research, there they were at Lowe's and  were very reasonable at $59 each.   We bought a total of four lights and a dimmer switch for  $222!  Lowe's even offers a 10% Veterans discount that many people are not aware of.  Ya gotta ask!!!
It certainly helps that MC can do the "installation" work.  That keeps  expenses down!!

My concern with the Master Bath was finding light fixtures that wouldn't "fight" the chandelier we hung over the tub.  I was amazed when I found these gems!  They're perfect !
The plate on the wall is chrome!  It looks gold, but trust me, it's chrome.

Before MC built mirror frames and the original lights

 In the Hall Bath, the fixture was fine, just the color.  MC being the smart man that he is, just sprayed IT black.  It looks perfect!



That's all it needed.....works and the cost....$0.....MC had the paint!

Of course you all realize that a day does not go by without my playing with my Dining, IKEA wall unit!!  
It beats all the toys I could have!  I spend hours moving stuff around,  having a ball !  

We have a humongous pantry...I think it's 5' x 8'!   We will never have enough pantry supplies, AKA, FOOD,  for this room.  I have put ALL my accessories that I am not using (at the moment) on the shelves!!!  I call it my PROP ROOM!  This room is where I pull from and get items to "play with" !!!   I have no need to shop for anything.  I have all the accessories anyone would need from years of accumulating STUFF!!!!

I could take a picture each day and it would be different.....


MC is working on a new Little People.   No hints on this one, but stay tuned !!!


Did you all know that MC is my Editor?  Any errors......blame him!!!!

Till next time,

Friday, June 27, 2014


Yes, that's right, the lighting here is done, fini!!!!

I had decided that unless I found just the right fixtures I wasn't going to rush into anything.

My first concern in the Foyer was keeping the Art the focus!!!  If I went with a gorgeous, to die for chandelier, it would detract from the ART!

While Erica was here last week we went over many options.  After "marinating" all the ideas, I came up with simple TRACK LIGHTING!    Yes, simple track lighting!!!  Erica and I decided the Foyer needed something "lineal" .  It's a long,  long hall.....over 19 feet.  I have large art hanging on both sides.  The focal points in this space are  ART!!!!

I went over pages and pages of lighting websites.  I've gotten good at this over the last 10 years.  As much as chandeliers caught my eye, I stayed FOCUSED!!!  Yes, I did!!!  I was determined not to stray!
(and it was hard!)

Funny as can be, I found the PERFECT track fixtures on Lowes' website!  The store didn't even have them on display.  Just boxes under the counter!!!  They had the rubbed bronze  finish and amber colored globes.  Couldn't be more perfect!




This afternoon MC installed a dimmer switch.  Now we can control the amount of light on each section.



I had researched "lights" as high as $500+ and here, locally, at our Lowes were these perfect tracks for $49 a piece!!!

I believe we have achieved what I was after.   Focus on the ART and light where needed!!!  (at a reasonable cost!)

Three more locations for lighting.....the bath vanities....

I'm keeping you waiting.  MC hung them, but I'm saving them for tomorrow!!!

The enclosure of the Terrace, using large planter boxes with tall shrubs with the shade coming down to the shrubery, should wrap up all the projects we can dream of.   MC can build the boxes!!!   This will give it "life" and "softness" while  maintaining the privacy we are longing for.  After that.....I "think" we are DONE!!!!!
Our home here is just right for us.  The home came with all the bells and whistles that most other builders charge hundreds, if not thousands, for in upgrades!

BTW, we do have a large area upstairs that could be finished and add hundreds of sq.ft. to the home with a bedroom, bath and sitting area!   Right now, it's our STOREROOM!!!!  Hey Kids, want to finish the space for your parents????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Wednesday, June 25, 2014


My Dear, Dear friend who goes way, way, .....way back to the 50's and Grade School "Commissioned" MC to carve a piece for her husband's 75th!!!!  Yes, everyone out there, our world consists of those "ELDERS" who are in their 70's!!!  Actually it's pretty scary!

We hadn't seen Nancy and Gene for over 40 years and connected, by accident, while we were living  in Norfolk.    
I got up one day and said:  "I wonder whatever happened to Nancy?"
The internet is a marvelous tool!!!
 Nancy had been living in Williamsburg, Va. for about a year.
 When  I found her,  we couldn't believe we lived within 35 miles of each other!!
We made a date and met for lunch at Nordstroms in Norfolk.  That lunch turned into a reunion that had us talking about family, friends, you name it, for hours.  For a few years, until we moved to Charlotte,  we met at least once a month for dinner and or wine parties!!  They have moved on to Plymouth,  Massachusetts and now we're in Georgia.  We stay in touch with emails and the like.  Nancy contacted MC and asked if he would carve a figure of Gene, golfing, as a gift for his Birthday.  Gene went to West Point and MC kept that in mind with the piece.  He thoroughly enjoyed  working on this.  Nancy and MC communicated about colors, what type of clothing Gene wore while golfing......and mailed off the finished treasure in time for his big day last Saturday!
I wanted to share this "gem" with all because I think MC did a great job.....and so did Gene!!!

What a fun piece for a Great Friend!


Thursday, June 19, 2014


This particular MC Little People is one that brings up a lot, I mean a LOT of emotions to me!
A little over a year after  we were married MC started his Air Force career.  We were married in July of 1959 and in January of 1961 he flew off to Navigator training in Waco, Texas, while I remained with my parents and our 3month old son, Bobby.   I moved to Waco as soon as possible and our Air Force Life began!!!   And....what a trip we all had!

MC has been working on this particular piece for a couple of weeks.   It means a lot to him!  The details are amazing!   He represented himself as a newly graduated Navigator leaving for his FIRST trip in a C124 !  

This one will have a place of honor in the collection!!!

 He wants me to add that he did not make the plane!!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Yesterday, Erica, our "artist" Granddaughter drove from Asheville, N.C. to spend a few days with us.
Erica came with great gifts!!!!!

She bought MC some great olive oils for his special dishes, and for me, great place mats that you write on to use as a seating name place or to display the menu of the day!  Erica wrote a saying on one and we fastened it to a spot on the wall behind our wines.  There are about 10 in the pad, but I think you can write with chalk so you could reuse them!  They are so neat and fit our home so well!

You can see the one Erica wrote: "I Cook With Wine....sometimes....I Even Add It To The Food" !
On the shelf above the wine you can see three attractive olive oil bottles.  When they are emptied I will refill them.  They are great bottles!

Erica is the Store Manager and in charge of Marketing in Talloni, A Shoe Salon in Asheville, N.C.
You must check out the website!  The shoes are to die for and the accessories only add to the shopping experience!!!!


A few weeks ago, Erica featured some Hats!   She, of course, was the Model!

These belong in Elle Magazine.

This morning we took a couple of pictures of Erica with the Art Pieces she has done for MC and Yours Truly!!!

 This is both of our favorite piece she has done!!!   She did it for our Condo in Virgina Beach in 2000!

These are Erica's LATEST from their late Summer Collection.  She calls them her Watermelon  Shoes!

Today we went Shopping, an important item on any visit we have!  Best part we didn't spend a dime!

Think I will expand on that "olive oil" collection on the wall unit.  I like the idea of the piece having a real function!!!

Talk Soon.....

Thursday, June 5, 2014


It's been over a week and I'm due to Post!

Our home is so much "Us" that we don't  have many big projects to tackle.
"Down the Road"  we will have a huge project on our Terrace.  We want to enclose the space with a brick wall about 4 feet high that will match the brick on the house.  We will keep the shade. and drop it down to the top of the brick wall.  We will then have a very private area that will enhance the Great Room's view.
The other "big" purchase down the road, will be a larger TV.  We have to have the TV over the fireplace and the present one is way too small to have such a place of honor, not to mention old eyes seeing it all that well!

Other than that,  we would like to replace the lighting in the Foyer and the Baths.  To be honest I haven't run across any that have said  "Buy Me!"

I went around and snapped some pictures so you can see what has moved, etc.  Yes, I have moved a few things,  NOT MANY!   The main piece I wanted to incorporate into the house was the dining table MC made for our first home in Sun City..  It was the 30" x 8' foot door he turned into a fabulous table!   I couldn't find a place for it until yesterday!   With GREAT persuasion and a lot of hard lifting, MC and I got it from the garage into the Master Bedroom.  Only problem we had to turn it's on it's side to get it through the door into the bedroom.  So there we were with this HEAVY table to flip!    MC was sure the legs would crack and break and we were resolved to have to leave it, on it's side. back in the garage!!!!   I asked if he couldn't make some sort of a "brace".   He thought about it for a few minutes, AND THE GENIUS HE IS,  added two strips of wood to brace it.   Once nailed in, we were able to flip it....AMAZING!








Perfect location for old Dining Room table.  
Look close, you can see the brace MC built!  He has not removed them.
He's waiting for a number of "Morning" Tests

That's about where we are today, June 5th.  One of the changes that made a statement,  was switching the BIRD panels with the large black and white piece Erica did.  Much better placement for both of these!

MC is  working on a new Little MC......to be continued......