Friday, June 27, 2014


Yes, that's right, the lighting here is done, fini!!!!

I had decided that unless I found just the right fixtures I wasn't going to rush into anything.

My first concern in the Foyer was keeping the Art the focus!!!  If I went with a gorgeous, to die for chandelier, it would detract from the ART!

While Erica was here last week we went over many options.  After "marinating" all the ideas, I came up with simple TRACK LIGHTING!    Yes, simple track lighting!!!  Erica and I decided the Foyer needed something "lineal" .  It's a long,  long hall.....over 19 feet.  I have large art hanging on both sides.  The focal points in this space are  ART!!!!

I went over pages and pages of lighting websites.  I've gotten good at this over the last 10 years.  As much as chandeliers caught my eye, I stayed FOCUSED!!!  Yes, I did!!!  I was determined not to stray!
(and it was hard!)

Funny as can be, I found the PERFECT track fixtures on Lowes' website!  The store didn't even have them on display.  Just boxes under the counter!!!  They had the rubbed bronze  finish and amber colored globes.  Couldn't be more perfect!




This afternoon MC installed a dimmer switch.  Now we can control the amount of light on each section.



I had researched "lights" as high as $500+ and here, locally, at our Lowes were these perfect tracks for $49 a piece!!!

I believe we have achieved what I was after.   Focus on the ART and light where needed!!!  (at a reasonable cost!)

Three more locations for lighting.....the bath vanities....

I'm keeping you waiting.  MC hung them, but I'm saving them for tomorrow!!!

The enclosure of the Terrace, using large planter boxes with tall shrubs with the shade coming down to the shrubery, should wrap up all the projects we can dream of.   MC can build the boxes!!!   This will give it "life" and "softness" while  maintaining the privacy we are longing for.  After that.....I "think" we are DONE!!!!!
Our home here is just right for us.  The home came with all the bells and whistles that most other builders charge hundreds, if not thousands, for in upgrades!

BTW, we do have a large area upstairs that could be finished and add hundreds of sq.ft. to the home with a bedroom, bath and sitting area!   Right now, it's our STOREROOM!!!!  Hey Kids, want to finish the space for your parents????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????