Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Yesterday, Erica, our "artist" Granddaughter drove from Asheville, N.C. to spend a few days with us.
Erica came with great gifts!!!!!

She bought MC some great olive oils for his special dishes, and for me, great place mats that you write on to use as a seating name place or to display the menu of the day!  Erica wrote a saying on one and we fastened it to a spot on the wall behind our wines.  There are about 10 in the pad, but I think you can write with chalk so you could reuse them!  They are so neat and fit our home so well!

You can see the one Erica wrote: "I Cook With Wine....sometimes....I Even Add It To The Food" !
On the shelf above the wine you can see three attractive olive oil bottles.  When they are emptied I will refill them.  They are great bottles!

Erica is the Store Manager and in charge of Marketing in Talloni, A Shoe Salon in Asheville, N.C.
You must check out the website!  The shoes are to die for and the accessories only add to the shopping experience!!!!


A few weeks ago, Erica featured some Hats!   She, of course, was the Model!

These belong in Elle Magazine.

This morning we took a couple of pictures of Erica with the Art Pieces she has done for MC and Yours Truly!!!

 This is both of our favorite piece she has done!!!   She did it for our Condo in Virgina Beach in 2000!

These are Erica's LATEST from their late Summer Collection.  She calls them her Watermelon  Shoes!

Today we went Shopping, an important item on any visit we have!  Best part we didn't spend a dime!

Think I will expand on that "olive oil" collection on the wall unit.  I like the idea of the piece having a real function!!!

Talk Soon.....