Wednesday, June 25, 2014


My Dear, Dear friend who goes way, way, .....way back to the 50's and Grade School "Commissioned" MC to carve a piece for her husband's 75th!!!!  Yes, everyone out there, our world consists of those "ELDERS" who are in their 70's!!!  Actually it's pretty scary!

We hadn't seen Nancy and Gene for over 40 years and connected, by accident, while we were living  in Norfolk.    
I got up one day and said:  "I wonder whatever happened to Nancy?"
The internet is a marvelous tool!!!
 Nancy had been living in Williamsburg, Va. for about a year.
 When  I found her,  we couldn't believe we lived within 35 miles of each other!!
We made a date and met for lunch at Nordstroms in Norfolk.  That lunch turned into a reunion that had us talking about family, friends, you name it, for hours.  For a few years, until we moved to Charlotte,  we met at least once a month for dinner and or wine parties!!  They have moved on to Plymouth,  Massachusetts and now we're in Georgia.  We stay in touch with emails and the like.  Nancy contacted MC and asked if he would carve a figure of Gene, golfing, as a gift for his Birthday.  Gene went to West Point and MC kept that in mind with the piece.  He thoroughly enjoyed  working on this.  Nancy and MC communicated about colors, what type of clothing Gene wore while golfing......and mailed off the finished treasure in time for his big day last Saturday!
I wanted to share this "gem" with all because I think MC did a great job.....and so did Gene!!!

What a fun piece for a Great Friend!



  1. Hahahahaha! Sneaky little golfer!!! LOVE the personality in this!

  2. It looks like Gene works out

  3. That is unbelievable, Patty - such a talent!! Gene must have been thrilled with his new treasure!!

  4. Ha Ha....so cute! MC does it again:)

  5. Wow Gene is really ripped! lol Another masterpiece by MC. I'm amazed by the craftsmanship that goes into one of his figurines. Always a pleasure to see his works.

  6. Just found your blog through Simple Details - don't you LOVE her style - and loved your comment.
    Small world cause I live in Plymouth, MA as well.
    Love finding bloggers of a certain vintage!