Wednesday, September 3, 2014


MC and I have thought long and hard and have decided to go into a "form of Retirement" !
We wish to take a break and time off from Patty's Epiphanies.

Patty's Epiphanies began with the first post on Wednesday, September 3, 2008.

This is an ideal day, Wednesday, September 3, 2014 to take a break.....for 6 years you have read about insane and silly ideas that popped into my head.  You have also seen how loving, caring and talented MC is.  The best thing about MC is that he has put up with me for over 55 years!


And I promise If something interesting occurs in our lives or here at our HAPPILY EVER AFTER HOME, I will do a Post,  and share with you.

It's only fitting that this last MC "Little People" that MC just finished is of him, making another Little People!

Now I will leave you all with one last Crazy "Epiphany"  both of us worked on over this past weekend.
 We removed two glass shelves from the middle IKEA wall unit.  We hung the mirror that we purchased on One Kings Lane on the wall in the space.   The mirror was  a mirror from Kenneth Brown's home.  I added a vase with some gold branches on the remaining glass shelf,  in front of the mirror!
It's crazy, and a perfect example of a "Patty Epiphany!!!

Thank you  for reading my blog for these past 6 years.  MC and I  appreciate it more than you can imagine.  People from all 50  States + The District of Columbia, 107 Countries and 9 Canadian Provinces, had clicked "on" adding to over 50,000 hits. 
We have enjoyed sharing all our insane antics with you.  We will be back.....


  1. Thank you so much for the years of entertainment and knowledge!!!

  2. Dear Patty and MC,
    It's been an honor following you and all your projects! Thanks for sharing it all with us. And most importantly, many thanks for your friendship!! Please do not retire the blog!!!!
    Your friend and reader in DC (and Maine) - Loi

  3. No! Retirement is unacceptable. You must check in at least once a month with us guys.....I mean you aren't going to stop rearranging furniture or living and we need to keep up with you both. "Say it ain't so".......sherry

  4. I hear it but don't believe it!! Patty & Steve you do not realize how much you impact the social media world! Some of the best ideas have come from Patty's Epithanies. Whether some want to acknowledge or not they have borrowed your ideas, including many respected decorators I know. Continue to post, those that love you will always appreciate :) Linda

  5. I understand your reasoning and we will all miss you terribly. Please check in periodically with updates because I think you both are the greatest duo out there in blogland.

  6. wishing you and mc all the best and much happiness in your retirement! thanks for sharing and supporting! XOXO

  7. What a fun ride it's been!! I'm proud if you for tackling technology and allowing the world into your home (and brain! Eeeek!). Yay for you both :) Love this little person and your "IKEA hack"

  8. Aww, we'll miss you both, you're the cutest couple in the blogosphre! I've loved following along with all your epiphanies and MC's projects, I have a feeling you'll be popping in from time to time to fill us in on your adventures! xoxo, Pam

  9. I am just now reading this. YOU and MC will be missed in blogland. I always enjoy your enthusiasm and projects. You have been a wonderful inspiration to me. Don't be a stranger and come and visit me over at my blog from time to time, xoxo Kathysue

  10. So hoping this will be a short break and you ail come back with more of your fantastic epiphanies and MC's amazing wood creations. I always looked so forward to seeing you in my inbox - what will we all do without you two!! Just make sure to keep us up on your grandchildren and the happenings in your family…and of course, your wonderful epiphanies!!

  11. Patty! I feel like I am saying goodbye to my blogging mama! You have been so supportive of my journey and I cannot even begin to thank you for that. You and MC are an inspiration, I hope one day that my husband and I are just like the two of you. You deserve a nice break from the blog and the chance to enjoy your happily ever after home. I will miss you and I hope you will keep in touch. All the best to you both.

  12. I have loved following you! You and MC are amazing! Don't go! Just report every couple of months if u want! Oxox

  13. We will miss you very much...stop on by and say hello!

  14. Patty, don't retire yet. I would miss you and MC a lot. I love checking out the quick touch-ups and fun makeovers in your home! It has been great following your blog. Hopefully, you can update us once in a month with your epiphanies? Thanks for stopping by my blog from time to time! :)

    P/S: Such an unexpected mirror placement, I think you might be starting a new trend here! :) By the way, I love MC's Little People, how adorable!


    1. What a milestone! Congrats to taking some time off but thanks a mil to you and mc for being such great blogging buddies over the years. It has meant the world. Enjoy this season of bliss and please do check in when you have an amazing epiphany. Ps I love Kenneth brown! Can't believe you have something of his in your own home.