Wednesday, August 13, 2014


When MC, Linda (our FABULOUS REALTOR),  and I came to Olde Town Grayson last November we fell in love with the Community.  The Location......you know Location, Location, Location, is ideal.   Restaurants, retail, both chain and specialty, groceries .....well you name it.....they are all here....some even are walkable!  If not within an easy walk they are only 2 to 3 miles away.  Not to mention that the largest Mall in Georgia, The Mall of Georgia, is 13 miles down the road and Atlanta less than 35 miles .

We loved the concept of the "Villas".  They are attached homes, two to a building, each having  1800 to 2000 sq.ft.   We found the largest, the Hampton,  perfect for our needs!!!!

We have three bedrooms--the Master is huge,  a fabulous Great Room with 12' ceilings,  a gorgeous kitchen with granite counter tops and white glazed cabinets, and two baths,  The Master Bath is awesome with a walk-in frame less shower plus a soaking tub!   On top of that a large two car garage (for MC),   a huge second floor which we can be finished later, a 5' x 8' Pantry,  and a good size laundry room.

 What possibly  could be  a  Challenge?

Well, nothing in the real world is PERFECT!  We all know that!    The design of the Villas has a side very generous covered terrace which is 20' x 10'.   Because it's  on the side,  it faces the side of the home next to ours.

Our  "View"........ is the home next door's air conditioner and  their utility meters!!!!

This was the  ONLY remaining lot that the Hampton  could be built on due to it's footprint.  It was this one or none!

MC promised we would figure out a way to overcome our "view"!!!

Not a Million Dollar View!!

I imagine the shrubbery will grow in years to come, but not fast enough for me!

The First step!  We bought two shades that roll down to the floor of the terrace from the top of the terrace's roof.  A very, very good start!  Light filters in so it is not dark.

We did have ferns in 4  flower pots, but they all died in a month!

  The problem of the ugly view solved, and we gained a ton of privacy!   Actually it's like having a new room added to our home.  The shades give us privacy which eliminated the need for shades on our Great Room windows and the French Doors. A huge savings!  At night we turn on the ceiling light and sit  in our private room!

But we needed Greenery!!!

Last weekend we went to a  nursery that was highly recommended to us.  We were so lucky to have a great, knowledgeable salesman.  We described our "situation" and within a minute he had us standing in front of these FABULOUS SHRUBS!!!!   They are called FATSIA.   Their leaves are so green and so large!  This shrub is awesome!  It can live outside, without any sun, ALL year!!!!!It will even get flowers in the Fall and Winter.  It's PERFECT!!!  (I can also get one for inside!)  Let's keep that one secret for awhile!!!

A Good CHALLENGE that we were able to overcome!!!!!

When MC makes a promise, he stands by it!!!!


  1. Great solution and it looks good too!! A Win-Win!!!

  2. What a great solution! I love the shades you picked, they are fabulous!


  3. aaaah so much better! i love the photo caption: "not a million dollar view". ha!

  4. That's the perfect touch and just what the room needed, greenery. It looks so calming.

  5. Now that's a perfect solution…love it!!

  6. Patty, looks fabulous. By the way, I love that red grill! What kind is that?

  7. Looks amazing, Patty! There's nothing a little creativity can't fix :)

  8. This is absolutely perfect! I love a good gallery wall and this is it. Very inspiring.
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  9. WOW! Mission accomplished. It seems like you will still get a nice breeze out there, too. Very pretty.

  10. GREAT IDEA! Love the shades. I bet it keeps the bugs at bay as well. Where in the world did you get that humongous thermometer? AWESOME!

  11. Looks fabulous!!!! Thanks for the tip on fatsia - I'm not familiar with it. Will see if I can grow it in DC. xo

  12. What a great idea! Brilliant! I have used those plants under my portico and they are in my yard also! Good choice.