Monday, September 22, 2014


I  mentioned when I last left you, that if something of interest came up....I would do a Post.
We have moved a few things and it was suggested they were Post Worthy!!!

As with all "moves",  one thing leads to another and so a number of objects moved!

The FIRST,  and the one that started the entire "event," was removing the large TV that was over the fireplace.  It came about, quite by chance.  I always preferred an art piece over the fireplace but couldn't figure out where to put the TV .  I visited a neighbor and noticed she had an  awesome painting over the fireplace.  We have the same model home,  so I asked where she put their TV?   She explained they have  one in their  bedroom,  another one in her husband's den and one in their guest room.  She bought a lovely chaise and a recliner  so they can watch TV together  in their bedroom.  Our bedrooms are quite large, about 14' x 19', allowing lots of space for this.

MC was "in" just not into watching TV in our bedroom.  He suggested we put it in our spare room that we use when we have guests.  There's a small TV,  sofa, one section of the IKEA wall shelving, and a large chair.  If we have overnight guests they sleep in our new Frontgate EZ bed!  

We moved MC's white Stressless chair into the room, and put the large TV where the small one was!  It works great!  The room is small, but it's cozy and we can actually see the TV!  It's only a 40" screen so watching it in the Great Room wasn't perfect.  We talked about getting a larger screen so we could really see the picture from all the areas in the space.

The TV is in the corner out of view.

BUT, I'm keeping the best part for now. 

We hung the large black and white art piece that Erica did for us over the fireplace
Put our Daikoku on the mantle.  Daikoku is the Japanese God of Wealth, Prosperity and Patron Deity of Agriculture.  Our son Steve, gave it to us for Christmas a few years back.  He  purchased it in Tokyo in an antique shop.  It was hanging over a doorway to a home at some point years ago in Japan.

I am so pleased with our Great Room.  Why didn't I think of that before!!!!

The small TV is now in the kitchen.  Comcast is coming out on Wednesday to hook up a new outlet.  We decided, for fun,  to try the coffee pot on the zinc table that's in between the IKEA shelving.  It might go back to the kitchen counter, but I'm trying it out here for a few days.  Handy having the coffee right at the table!  (Like a morning test!)  I have the perfect lamp that can go on the table if the coffee pot doesn't work out.
Coffee Pot ....removed.....failed Morning Test

TV in Kitchen
Worked out  perfectly!!!

MC is "playing" with a new Little People, but is no way near finished.  He bought a new special tool and is enjoying trying it out.

What replaced DAIKOKU ?  He was on the console in our foyer and now......


 The Foo Dogs were also a Christmas gift from Steve!  They came with papers!!

They are Certified Authentic pieces that were made in China during the Ming Dynasty dating 1368-1644A.D.  We have the papers to prove it!!

Steve and his family are now living in Nashville so I guess we won't be  receiving anymore treasures from Asia!!

I'm doing a Post in November..... an interesting piece to write about on November 16th!

Till later.